Passover and Easter Recap

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God invented holidays as a way to remember, teach, and pause.  Easter is the richest week of the year, and we have compiled all of our posts that discuss how you can make this season come alive for you and your family.

Don’t try to do all of these things this year (goodness knows we don’t have time to do that either!), but let God lead you to pick one or two that are just exactly what you need.

Remember – He is Risen! 

Palm Sunday – Mighty and Meek

Palm Sunday – The revelation of our humble king, full of power and peace.  Mighty, yet meek.

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Holiest Week With Your Kids

When you talk about Who He is, what He has done for you, who we are in Him, and what we can do as a response, that makes it holy. Every week is holy, if you are purposeful.  Here are some ideas for celebrating the Holiest Week with your family.

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Passover With Your Kids – Simplified

Passover can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with it.  Here is a straightforward way to understand the deep roots of the Easter season.

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Passover and Easter Fun

Calling all parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, boys, and girls!  Here are some fun Easter activities that we’ve found, but we want to know what cool ideas you’ve had.  Please share these with your friends, and share your ideas with all of us.

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Passover:  Deep Meaning and Tradition

Passover:  Deep meaning behind the tradition.  Click here to learn about the Yeast, the Lamb, and the Cup.

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Passover Meal How-To: How-To Guide for having your own Passover celebration.

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Passover: The 4 Cups

For thousands of years before the tiny Communion cup there were the 4 #Passover cups!

The key symbolic pieces of the Passover meal are eating of the Matzah bread, the Seder plate and the drinking of four glasses of wine. Today we are going to talk about the four glasses of wine. These are drank throughout the meal and each has a specific and deep meaning.

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Countdown to Passover

Easter and Passover are coming up soon, so it’s time to begin preparing ourselves for this meaningful time.

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Passover:  From Moses to Me

Countdown to Easter/Passover…

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Passover:  The Seder Plate

Do you know what the Seder Plate is?  Do you know what it means and what it can teach you and your kids?  Find out here:

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Uncomfortable, Stinky, Beautiful, Servant Leadership

In between the triumph of Palm Sunday and the tragedy of Good Friday, we find a perfect example of servant leadership in action.

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Good Friday:  Not Fair

As we approach Passover/Easter, we want to highlight some of the lessons from Jesus’ last week.

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Good Friday:  I Thirst

The thirst we feel is a spiritual thirst!  This thirst is no less real than our physical thirst.

God put a thirst for Himself inside every heart – a longing that has been unquenched since Eden.

The next time you are thirsty or hungry or lustful or restless, don’t turn to Facebook or calories.  Turn your face to heaven and say “Abba, I thirst! I am thirsty, and only you can satisfy me!”  God has not forsaken you, and in him you will find the comfort that you seek.

Remember friends, your suffering is real.  Your longing is real.  Your thirst is real.  Without your spiritual thirst, you would be as good as dead!  But do not be deceived – you thirst for God!  Reach out to Him, and in Him you will find what you need.

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Countdown to Pentecost:

Whew, Lent, Passover, Last Supper, Good Friday, Bad Saturday, Easter Sunday are past.  Not it’s 7 weeks until Pentecost.  Let the countdown begin!

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Armor of God: Prayer

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Did you know that there are actually seven pieces of the armor of God? If you did, you are one up on me. So far we have covered the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit. Six pieces.  I never realized that there was one more weapon that was important to the soldier.
In Ephesians 6:18 it says, “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” I have never thought of prayer as being a part of the armor. I knew it was definitely a very powerful weapon that we have against Satan, but I never linked it to the armor. In Rick Renner’s book Dressed to Kill, he shares his belief that the Roman soldier’s lance is a perfect example of how prayer can be an effective and essential weapon in our lives. Continue Reading…

Foundation of Marriage: Proceed With Caution

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Part 4 of the Foundation of Marriage series.

Nate and I love questionnaires and evaluations. We love assessing things and figuring out new and better ways to do things. But proceed with caution!  We have learned over the years there is a right way and a wrong way to use these tools to improve our marriage and ourselves.

(Route A is the wrong way and Route B is the right, productive way.)

It all starts with the approach! Are you…

A: Trying to point out where your spouse is falling short?


B: Trying to help your spouse understand you and what makes you tick?

Your approach determines your words….

A: Accusatory and demeaning statements like “You need to do this better!” Or “You need to stop doing this!”


B: Affirming, encouraging, and helpful statements like: “I appreciate when you do this____. ” Or “I know this isn’t your intent, but when this happens, this is how it makes me feel ____.”  “Another way to do it that would be helpful in this situation would be if you could do this___.”

Your words (and tone) determine the outcome.

A: End result: Wounds being made, frustration forming and hope diminishing.


B: End result: A plan put in place to strengthen the marriage and move it forward in a productive and positive way. Continue Reading…

December Storytime – A Savior Is Born!

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Today we are giving away the fourth Storytime.

Storytime is an opportunity for you to have fun teaching about a certain topic by reading Bible stories, fables and books. Most of the stories follow a similar theme, with a few books thrown in just for fun.  Most of the books can be checked out from your public library or can be put on a Christmas gift list to get and enjoy for years. If you are not able to find these specific books, feel free to substitute with ones you like. You can find the Bible story and the verses in your Bible and you can also go online to to look up the passage.  The Fables can be found online (one place is or in many different books at the library.

Why would you do a Storytime?  Stories are a great way for us to remember concepts and principles.  By discussing these timeless stories with your children you can help them learn, and your family will grow closer as you experience the stories together.  This is also a great way to do an outreach to kids in your neighborhood, church, or circle of friends.  Kids enjoy listening to the stories, and in the process you are planting seeds of truth in their lives.  We hope that you are able to use this Storytime to bless your own kids and the kids in your neighborhood.

Download the whole Storytime here:     Continue Reading…

Passover: The 4 Cups

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**Disclaimer: We have done a lot of research about Passover and Jewish Holidays but we are no experts. Our goal is to expose you to the deeper meanings behind the celebrations that God told the Jews to participate in every year. These are perfect opportunities to teach your children about God’s faithfulness and provision. It is also a great opportunity to remind your children that the God of the Old Testament is still alive and active in the world today. The Bible is full of knowledge and guidance to help us make wise decisions and show us the way to go. All we have to do is open it up read it. Our favorite resource on Jewish Holidays is (They believe Jesus is the Messiah and explain His role in the Jewish traditions) and (A Jewish website that goes in depth to each celebration.) **

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Hannah’s Diary of Fun Stuff: Lent

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Today we have a guest blogger: Our oldest daughter, Hannah (age 8). When she informed us that she had decided (without our prompting) to give up her beloved books for Lent, we asked her to write in her journal about her reasons why. I love how simple and sincere child-like faith is! We often make it so complicated, and it really can be this simple. We hope you enjoy her story.


Made March 20th
By Hannah

Title: Is there something that’s hard to give up? Continue Reading…

Communication About Marital Intimacy

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Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a healthy and thriving level of intimacy in your marriage. Today we are going to talk about how to get it there, or how to keep it there and always improving.

One Word

Communication – honest communication, selfless communication and loving communication is all you need to get your intimacy level to where you want it and beyond. If you are not yet to the point in your marriage that you can talk about such intimate subjects, that is okay. Everyone has been there at some point. Continue Reading…

Let’s Make Your Cooking Day a Success!!!

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Freezer Meals

Taking time to plan is the best way to set yourself up for a successful cooking day! It is so important that you take the time to organize your grocery list and step by step plan. This will help the day go smoothly, have less headaches and it will save you time! Last week we talked about how to pick recipes.  This week we will expand on this topic and show you how to prepare for your cooking day.  First I’ll tell you about two tricks you can use to make the most of your day:  Flash Freezing and Crock Pots.

What is “Flash Freeze”?

A great way to freeze meals is to flash freeze them. Meals like meatballs, jumbo stuffed shells, manicotti, and stuffed chicken breasts are all great options for flash freezing. You will make each recipe and then place the item on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper. Then stick the cookie sheet into the freezer and freeze until the food is frozen and no longer sticky. Once frozen you will place the food in gallon freezer bags. This helps the food keep its shape and not get smashed or stick to the other items in the bag. When you are ready to cook it, you can then just pull out however many you want instead of being forced to cook the whole recipe. I typically choose two meals each time that I have to flash freeze.  (note: meals like meatballs and jumbo shells typically make multiple meals for my family, which is a simple way to increase the number of meals you are making for the month 🙂 )

Flash freeze on parchment paper on a cookie sheet until frozen. Flash freeze on parchment paper on a cookie sheet until frozen. Continue Reading…


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