That’s Not Fair

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Bad Friday. Worse Saturday.  Glorious Sunday!

One night this week my kids and I read the beautifully written stories from the foot-washing through Resurrection Sunday in The Jesus Storybook Bible.  As we reached the part about the crucifixion, my 4-year old Luke summed it up best.  He looked at me with a concerned and indignant expression in his eyes, and said “That’s not fair!”

And he’s right.  It was horrifically, tragically unfair.  And that is the point.

At our very core we know that this world is an unfair place.  Any one of us could come up with many stories that highlight this very fact.  People spend their whole lives bitter and frustrated about the terrible injustices and tragedies that mar their existence.

But you must not forget – Jesus took it!  He took it all! 

As you hear the story of Jesus taking his punishment, close your eyes and imagine with me:

The mocking of the crowd and the taunts of the rulers echo every cruel and cutting word throughout history from the snide and mocking in-crowd, or from a ruthless teacher, or from a harsh and unloving parent.

The soldiers’ whip represents the whip of every slaveholder who subjugated his fellow man.  It represents Stalin’s brutality.  Hitler’s torture camps.  Wartime atrocities.  The belt of the child-abuser.  The fist of the abusive husband.  The shove of the locker room bully.

Life isn’t fair, and God knows it.  So He took every last shred of cruelty, spite, injustice, weakness and piled it on His Son.

It isn’t fair.  But wow, it is amazing!  Take a moment today to be thankful that Christ took every sin from you and me and paid for it.  And because Christ paid the price, you can also forgive the damages done to you.  Because of Christ, we are truly free!


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Remember the Four Cups:

  1. Sanctification: God says “I will bring you out.”
  2. Deliverance: God says “I will deliver you.”
  3. Redemption: God says “I have redeemed you.”
  4. Restoration: God says “I will take you to myself.”
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