Summer Time – Reading Time!

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Summer is a time to read!!!

Summer is in full swing and I am loving it!! Although I can not believe we are already at the end of June! One thing that we love about summer in the Hanson Household is we have lots of time to catch up on our reading. Nate and I have a love for books, and that love has definitely carried on to the next generation. Today I thought I would share some of our fun reading resources that we go to during the summer months.

Book Series We Recommend:

Here are three different series for three different age groups that our family is currently enjoying and they are gender neutral so both your boys and girls will enjoy them!

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon Series by Glen Keane (for ages 4-7)

We were delighted to hear that the Adam Raccoon series was back in print! These stories are parables of God’s unfailing love and forgiveness, and they show our kids what to do when they make mistakes. I love how King Aren’s gentle strength paints a picture of our Heavenly Father and how the stories and illustrations make you feel like you are Adam Raccoon. They contain great nuggets of wisdom, such as: “It’s easy to get off track.  But when you do, get back on course and finish the race.” But the true beauty of these books is the way they connect with our children’s hearts and point them to their Heavenly Father! You can purchase these books at or on amazon.

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The Bookshelf, Part 2


Back in April I reviewed some books that I had read in 2014.  Here are 5 more for the list.

A Short History of the 20th Century by John Lukacs

I wouldn’t say it was short, and it didn’t cover the whole 20th Century, and it definitely centered on Europe and Americas.  But I thought it was an interesting look at world history from World War 1 through the end of the Cold War.  He infuses some of his own theories and philosophy into the history, which I think is interesting.
John Quincy Adams by Harlow Giles Unger

This was the next stop on my plan to read a biography about each American President.  I enjoyed it because I really love John and Abigail Adams and their son John.  The challenges that they faced and the maturity with which they faced them are inspirational to me.  Read more at The Bookshelf… Continue Reading…

Crayola: What Endless Possibilities!!!

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Of course we have all heard of the Crayola brand and its many wonderful items. Today I want to focus on three of our favorites.

Color Wonder Markers

These have come in handy on car trips and in places where we needed our little one to sit and be halfway quiet. The markers only work with special paper so you don’t have to worry about them writing on the walls, chairs or clothes. We used these a lot for Hannah’s basketball games to keep Jacob entertained and not running out onto the court.

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Melissa and Doug

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Today we are going to talk about one of our favorite brands: Melissa and Doug. They can be found in most stores like Target and Walmart and are also found in specialty stores. We have been given several quality Melissa and Doug toys that we will describe.

We were given both the Memory Game and Hang-Man from Nate’s sister. The blue covers are attached to the board and you just lift them up to reveal what is underneath. It is awesome to not have to be looking for missing pieces throughout the van!  We travel a lot so these games have come in handy. Continue Reading…

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