Passover From Moses to Me

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Ceremonies are important.  Ceremonies are used to create memories and make impressions.  As I look back over my life much of it is a blur, but many of the memories scattered throughout are tied to ceremonies like graduation and marriage. Celebrating Passover as a family allows us to stop and look back at all that God has done for us.  Even our now-4-year-old remembers celebrating Passover last year.  And the best part is that the ceremony ties us into something ancient.

For thousands of years the Jews, also known as God’s chosen people, celebrated an annual cycle of feasts and fasts and celebrations.  One of the key moments each year was Passover.  It was one of the annual times that all Jews were supposed to return to Jerusalem, and it was one of their most meaningful ceremonies. As such, through the years many devout followers of God created an entire ceremony around the Passover. The basics were laid out in the Bible, but many additional details were added and passed down from generation to generation.

When you examine these traditions it is immediately obvious that God was guiding the Jewish leaders and giving His people amazing clues about the Savior who was to come.  It is incredible to look at all those traditions knowing that my Savior Jesus Christ fulfilled them all.

Like a wonderfully written plot in a well-directed movie all the pieces that seemed so random all came together into one amazing storyline. This ceremony that was performed every year for thousands of years culminated on the night my Savior had the last Passover and the first communion. It gives me goosebumps to imagine all of my forefathers in the faith before me celebrate the redemptive power of my God.

We are going to share some of the things that we learned about Passover over the next two weeks.  We hope that these ceremonies are meaningful for you also.



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