Reagan, Lincoln, Washington

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I love to learn about leadership through the good and bad decisions of people throughout history.  Although we probably won’t ever be President, we still have an important role to play.  What kind of challenges is God preparing you to face?  Will your leadership qualities and skills be ready for the task?

Coincidentally, 3 of my favorite Presidents were born in February, so it is a great time to think about their leadership through incredibly challenging times.  Here is a recap of our 5 favorite posts about leadership and history.

Lincoln: The Learning Martyr

Growing up in the Land of Lincoln made me biased, but I have a lot of respect for him.  Here is one reason.

Lincoln:  Sharpened on the Anvil of Leadership

What does Servant Leadership mean to you? For Lincoln, it meant sacrificing his life for justice and unity.

Good History

Includes my favorite history DVD and  a cool timeline of the history of everything.

Monumental Thanksgiving

I also love this documentary about some of our nation’s founders!


Not a President, but influential and a good person to study.

OPL At One Year – Our Vision, Mission, and Values

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On our one year blogging anniversary we wanted to share with you our Vision, Mission, and Values.  Today would be a great day for you to share this post with a friend – have them Like our Facebook Page or enter their email address in the Subscribe button to the right.

Thanks again for all of your support and words of encouragement.  We really appreciate them!

-Nate and Dana

PS:  You don’t need a blog to have these – what is your personal mission?  What is your vision and values? Continue Reading…

One Purposeful Year


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

1 year ago (9/30/13), with a lot of help from our friends, we launched Our Purposeful Life.  Thank you for your support and for participating with us in the conversation.  It has been a blessing to our family, and we hope that God uses it to help you and yours.

Our blog is a little different than some.  In a given week you may have a post about personality tests, parenting, or pumpkinsIntimacy (or here), Accountability, or Anxiety.

If you were to casually review these posts, a natural response would be to say “This blog is all over the place and is totally random!”  And in some ways, you would be right.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to answer the question:  How do they go together?  What is the common thread?  Continue Reading…

Your 5 Limited Resources With Unlimited Potential, Part 2


Yesterday I introduced the concept that we have 5 limited resources with unlimited potential.  That seemingly contradictory statement has helped me to keep a realistic understanding of each of the 5 areas of my life, without limiting my expectations of what is possible.  We covered Time and Focus last week, and today we will cover Energy, Money, and Relationships.

Continue Reading…

Your 5 Limited Resources With Unlimited Potential, Part 1


I don’t know if you have ever thought of it this way or not, but you have 5 very valuable and very limited resources at your disposal.  I’m not talking about the kind of natural resources you might be thinking of, like coal or gold or cadmium – the resources I’m talking about today are even more important than those.  Each person on earth is given access to these 5 ‘natural resources,’ and how you handle them will shape literally everything about your life.

I first started thinking about this concept because of Jason Womack.  Jason Womack is a public speaker, author, executive coach, and ball of energy.  I attended one of his seminars a couple years ago and have continued to learn from him ever since.  He introduced me to the idea of purposefully managing my Energy, Time, and Focus.  In his book, Your Best Just Got Better, Jason Womack lists “Tools” as the fourth limited resource, and stresses the importance of managing your relationships.  With that background, here is my list of your 5 limited resources:

Time, Focus, Energy, Money, and Relationships   Continue Reading…

Time Investment: Elizabeth Saunders


Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to Elizabeth Saunders – time management and effectiveness guru. We went to college together and stayed Facebook friends through the years, and so I was happy for her when she announced that she had written a book about time management. “Cool,” I thought, “Someone I know has written a book…and actually gotten it published!” I would have been satisfied if it was a typical time management book – a quick read that compiles a dozen helpful hints that let you save a few minutes a day. Let me tell you, friends, this is not your typical time management book! Instead, it is an incredible book that fundamentally changes the way that you think about time, effectiveness, and success itself. I won’t try to summarize the book here. For one thing, you need to read it. For another, she has already summed it in up a Teacher’s Guide and Book Club Guide.  These give you a pretty good idea of the basic outline. Continue Reading…

Truth In Advertising

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Here are some commercials that illustrate deeper truths to me.


Distraction in Communication:

The other day Dana was sitting in the living room, talking to me.  Directly behind her and over her shoulder was the TV, with sports on, full volume.  I am sure that she was saying something really important, but I didn’t have a chance. Continue Reading…

Moving: Kind Gestures That Make A Difference!

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Let me just say that we are blessed! We have had an outpouring of help, gifts and words of encouragement as we have gone through this moving process. It has almost brought me to tears of gratefulness multiple times this past month. We have been blessed by so many family members, friends and neighbors. They have done such a great job, I thought I would share some of the things that really helped this move go so well so that you can bless someone in your life.
How can you help a friend or family member who is moving?  Continue Reading…

Stuff I Like: Rend Collective Experiment

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I’ve resisted for nearly 2 weeks, but today I have no choice but to share our current favorite band:  Rend Collective

Build Your Kingdom Here

I love this song! The words are awesome. I’ve listened to the song dozens of times and yet I still don’t catch them all.  Please read through the song and make this your prayer today:  Words/Chords

And the video is fun – my kids love to watch it.

Continue Reading…

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