Hannah’s Diary of Fun Stuff: Lent

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Today we have a guest blogger: Our oldest daughter, Hannah (age 8). When she informed us that she had decided (without our prompting) to give up her beloved books for Lent, we asked her to write in her journal about her reasons why. I love how simple and sincere child-like faith is! We often make it so complicated, and it really can be this simple. We hope you enjoy her story.


Made March 20th
By Hannah

Title: Is there something that’s hard to give up?

On Ash Wednesday, at Chapel time I learned that some people give things up. It’s because they are getting ready for Easter.

A few weeks after I heard it again. This time I did something. I gave up all my books except my school library books and my Bible.

The reason I decided to give up my books is that sometimes I think that I should do other things. Like write in this journal, rest and read more of the Bible.

Well, I read all my school library books so I only have my Bible.

At the doctor’s office I saw a Nancy Drew book. I love them!! 🙂 I was dying to read it! But I didn’t read it. It was sooo hard!

My Mom and Dad are proud of me! I learned that it’s hard to give something up and that it’s fun to read the Bible.

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Some of the books she gave up!


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