Stuff I Like: Rend Collective Experiment

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I’ve resisted for nearly 2 weeks, but today I have no choice but to share our current favorite band:  Rend Collective

Build Your Kingdom Here

I love this song! The words are awesome. I’ve listened to the song dozens of times and yet I still don’t catch them all.  Please read through the song and make this your prayer today:  Words/Chords

And the video is fun – my kids love to watch it.

You Are My Vision

I’m a sucker for  hymns and harmonies. I love the slight changes they made to the lyrics.


Come On, My Soul

I love the simplicity of this song, but the deep emotion that they employ.


Their Story


It really feels like they are authentically enjoying  the process of making music and sharing the good news.

What do you think?  Do you like them?  What is your current song that you can’t resist playing over and over again?


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