Moving: Kind Gestures That Make A Difference!

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Let me just say that we are blessed! We have had an outpouring of help, gifts and words of encouragement as we have gone through this moving process. It has almost brought me to tears of gratefulness multiple times this past month. We have been blessed by so many family members, friends and neighbors. They have done such a great job, I thought I would share some of the things that really helped this move go so well so that you can bless someone in your life.
How can you help a friend or family member who is moving? 

  1. Pray for them. There are so many decisions and steps to take that they need to be walking in Godly wisdom. Pray they hear clearly from God and are not moved by emotion but by wisdom and knowledge from above. Pray that they have the strength and patience to do all that is required to pack up, move and unpack.
  2. Offer to watch their kids so they can pack, sleep, run errands, work on the house, unpack etc. It goes so much quicker when you are not interrupted every other minute!
  3. Offer to come over and help them pack. This blesses them two fold. They have help, and they have company. When you are in the heat of packing you pull back from all your social interactions and can begin to feel alone. Chatting with your friend while she is packing up the kitchen will give her the strength to keep going.
  4. Offer to help them clean either their new house or their old house. There is so much cleaning that needs to be done that it can become overwhelming at times.
  5. Bring them supper. Cooking becomes a challenge as things get packed. I tried to use up everything in our pantry and freezer so our last few meals at the old house became quite interesting. We had one neighbor bless us with a gift card to take the family out or bring food home. Another neighbor went and bought a hot meal and dropped it off at supper time. Meal help is great before or after the move!
  6. If you are a handy-man or have some skills, offer your help and knowledge as they fix up the old house to sell or make the new house usable for their family.
  7. If you have a pick-up truck or trailer, offer to let them use it to move some loads before the big moving day.
  8. This is a gift that we were given that I would have never thought of: Give a gift bag of things for the kids to do since their toys are in boxes. This gift basket was loaded with stuff for the kids to do: markers, coloring books, activity kits, books, and several fun snacks. They also put in pens, grocery list pad for the refrigerator and sticky notes. Things that you are constantly needing but have no idea where it is amidst all the boxes.
  9. Another idea for a gift back is paper products: plates, napkins, plastic silverware, paper towels and toilet paper.
  10. The last one is simple, just check in on them. Whether it is a text, a phone call or an email. Periodically check in to make sure they are still alive and doing well. Do this from the moment they start packing until about a month after they move. Give them a word of encouragement or just listen as they put their lives back into order.

Welcome to the Neighborhood! Gift bag full of goodies!

A blessing that was delivered the day I found out my oven does not work!!

A blessing that was delivered the day I found out my ‘new’ oven did not work!!


What are ways that you have been blessed when you have moved?  Any good stories?



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