Who Am I?

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If I know who I am, everything else will fall into place.  

“Who are you?”

Deep down, all of us are searching to figure out the answer to that question.  And there are many ways that we try to answer it.  What is the first question that people generally ask you when you first meet them? Typically it is “What do you do?”  When asked that question, how do you respond? I would venture to say we begin with a list of things that we do. I am a mom, wife, a teacher, a taxi driver, nurse, cook and friend. Or my husband would say he works in a hospital pharmacy, he’s a dad, husband, gardener, and runner among other things.

It seems like what we do and what we accomplish seem to be very important. Think about Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We are constantly posting things we have done during the day (of course leaving out all the mishaps and failures). The world doesn’t help us either. They label us as “Stay At Home Mom,” “Working Mom,” “Athlete,” “Computer Nerd,” or, when you pick up your kid from preschool, “Jacob’s mom.”

But what happens to your identity when you stop working or you become empty nested? Do you cease to be an important contributor to society? What if your identity is “she gets things done” and you receive negative criticism?  Do you feel crushed and begin to second guess who you are? Have you ever felt out of place and think that you just don’t belong? Maybe you have played the comparison game and have found yourself in last place. I think it is safe to say that at some point in all of our lives we have all had a mini (or large) identity crisis.

When we find ourselves in this situation people respond differently. Some shrink away and hide.    Others boldly declare who they are and try to convince everyone around them to believe them. Either way I believe we have two main problems that each of us face when we try to figure out who we are. First we try to find our identity in what we DO instead of who we ARE.  Second, I believe we place our worth on the wrong titles.

What if we remembered that being in a relationship with God is far more important than what we do or accomplish? What if instead of putting your sense of worth in the title of being a parent, an employee or a volunteer we instead received our worth from the title of Daughter or Son of the King?

For the next few weeks we are going to explore some I AM statements that you can say about yourself. Statements you do not have to earn or work hard to keep, but statements that are true just because you are you. Who you are is more important to God than what you do!  

I’m looking forward to exploring these I AM statements with you and I pray that they help you shape your true identity and help you avoid a mini-identity crisis in the future.

John 13:3

“Jesus, knowing…that He had come forth from God and was going back to God…”


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