Words are so important. They can build a person up or completely tear them down in a matter of seconds!  There is a song that has played a lot on the radio lately, and it has really got me thinking.

If you have 4 minutes right now, I’d encourage you to watch this video and really listen to the words!


Hawk Nelson, Words

Ever since really listening to the words of the song, I have felt like God was convicting me about my words. Specifically about the words that I say to my kids. The lines in the song that kept coming to mind were, “Let my words be life. Let my words be truth.” Am I speaking life into my kids? Am I speaking truth?                       

I know I am not lying to them, but I felt like I could grow in the area of speaking life. Am I seeing them as God sees them? I tend to see all the things that they need to work on: forgetfulness, stubbornness, demanding words, lack of discipline and self-control. Now, as a mom it is my responsibility to teach them how to act in a mature and Godly way, but I think I am lacking in the areas of praise and encouragement.

In my own life I know that it is hard to work on an area of weakness if it is constantly in my face. It starts to consume my mind and then it allows an opportunity for Satan to start speaking lies into my life….”You are not good enough! You will never get better at this! God can’t use you if you continue to struggle with this.”

But if I am confident of who I am in Christ I can battle those thoughts with…”You are right – I am not good enough on my own, but with God I am holy and blameless. I can get better at this because with God all things are possible. God can use me because He is looking at the heart and if my heart is right He can help me with my weaknesses.”

God has really challenged me to think about how much I am encouraging and building my children up. Somewhere I heard for every negative comment you need 7 praise comments. I know that is not the ratio that I am currently achieving.

Remember that kids are little sponges.  They are soaking up everything, and they take things so literally. Be careful with your sarcasm and sly jokes. They will take it seriously. One of my children loves to read and so therefore challenges herself to learn more and gets excited about reading. I once said that she does great in reading but math isn’t really her thing. I didn’t mean anything bad by it but she took it as she isn’t good at math and won’t get it. Because of that one comment I made, now I have to encourage her and help rebuild her confidence in her ability to understand math. This one scenario has really made me think about what I say. What I meant as a factual comment she took as an insult to her ability.

I have also been convicted about how I am talking about my youngest child. He just turned one and therefore doesn’t fully understand what I am saying yet, but I have been evaluating what I am saying about this child. These are some of the comments I have said “He is my most difficult child yet. He is very stubborn and demanding. I can’t get this one figured out.” Even though Jacob isn’t internalizing my comments I am not speaking life over him! I need to be saying…”He is a determined little man. I am glad he will be able to fight for what he feels is right and won’t back down until he accomplishes it. He has some great leadership qualities and I know with God’s help I will be able to mold them for good and not for bad.”

If we are speaking “life” into our children they will have the confidence that they need to take life head on and work on the areas that they struggle in. Are my children confident in my love for them? Or do they just think I am annoyed and frustrated with their weaknesses? Are they confident in God’s love for them? Am I reminding them of who they are in Christ and what they can accomplish with His help? What am I saying to myself? My spouse?

This song has really made me think!!


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Dana,
    Thank you for this timely reminder of the power of my words and my ability to make a positive difference in the lives of those around me. I am humbled….

    1. Dana says:

      Calista, I am glad that it was a good reminder for you. I know I have had to pray every morning since, asking God to help me remember and give me the words to say that would minister to my children. He has been faithful and I feel I am connecting more with my kids, especially the one that we are constantly needing to remind.

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