Vital Words for My Girls

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“I Love You 100!”

I am blessed to be the father of two wonderful little girls.  When they were little they didn’t have a concept for numbers, and to them 100 was the biggest possible number.  (Now Luke thinks that “Affidion” is the biggest number, but that is for a different blog post.)  I made it a point to read Bible stories with them each night and tuck them in, often after singing songs and telling them a story about Samantha the Snail.  And as I tucked them in, I would tell them “I love you 100.”

My girls are growing fast, but they are still young and innocent and wonderful.  When I am at work or driving home I often think about how blessed I am to have them as my daughters.  It is so rewarding to watch them grow up and gain confidence and independence.  I know that they have a bright future ahead of them.  As we’ve said before, we enjoy dance parties at our house.  Sometimes when I play Mercy Me Shake or the Chicken Dance or Meet in the Middle I join in with them.  (Curtains closed to foil the paparazzi.) But sometimes I just sit in the chair and watch.  I take delight.  My heart is happy and I simply enjoy them for who they are.  My children delight me!  In short, I am delighted with my children.

As much of the time as I can, I try to send that single message with my face, my words, and my actions:  “I am delighted with you!  You are delightful!”  I want them to just bask in the glow of my delight for them.  That I am delighted in them, simply because they are my girls.

Delightful is not exactly part of our everyday vocabulary, so this week Bek actually asked me “What does delightful mean?”  So it gave me a chance to explain it to her.

In two sentences:  “You are wonderful. I am blessed and happy that you are my girl!”  In a paragraph: “You are wonderful.  Just being around you makes me happy.  When I think about you I feel joyful.  I feel thankful that I am your daddy and that you are my daughter.  I will always smile when I think about the way that you were when you were a 6 year old girl.  You are special to me.  I adore you.  You are wonderful, and you are mine.”

If you have a kid or kids, please take time this week to start the habit of saying these vital words to them.  If you are relentless and consistent, they will develop a clear sense of their identity over the short time that their care is delegated to you.  They will know that they are loved, loved 100.

PS: Don’t forget that our Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and He delights in us.  No matter what.

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