You Don’t Know How to Pray

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That Is Something We Shall Have to Remedy, Isn’t It?!?

Would you like to learn how to pray from an expert?  In his new book Moving Mountains, John Eldredge unlocks the power of prayer in ways I have never read or experienced.  Infused with Scriptures and personal stories, this book is both grounded in truth and true to life.  It is part “How-To Manual,” part diary, part letter of encouragement, and part a call to action.

He sets the stage by explaining what is available to us.

Powerful, effective, life-changing prayer

Conversational intimacy with God

These are available to you and me!

Let’s stop there for a moment.  Deep down, every Christian longs for these 2 things, but that longing has been unfulfilled. Time, experience, experience, frustration has led us to believe that the descriptions of prayer in the Bible are no longer valid to the Christian experience.   At some point, many of us have given in to complacency or bitterness, savvy cynicism or theological explanations, casual indifference or caustic denial.  We think to ourselves “I tried that and it didn’t work.” 

This is the natural result of a spiritual life that lacks an understanding of the simple rules of prayer.  As John puts it, “Remember, there is a way things work in the spiritual realm, just as there is a way things work in the physical.”  In short, we don’t have powerful prayer or conversational intimacy with God simply because we don’t know how to pray.  That’s where this book comes in!

John tackles the common barriers to prayer that he has observed in himself and others.

  • Unwillingness to grow in maturity in our relationship with God.
  • Coming to God with the attitude of a slave or a beggar.
  • Misunderstanding God. His goodness, greatness, and nearness.
  • Ignorance of our delegated part we play in God’s battle plan in a world at war
  • Giving up on prayer too early by assuming it is a magic wand to wave once and be done.

He then teaches us how to pray some common types of prayers that each of us will need.  Daily.

  • Desperate Prayer and Spontaneous Prayer: (“Help!!!”  And “Woo-hoo!”)
  • Prayer of Intervention: (Making something happen.)
  • Prayer of Consecration: (Giving everything to God.)
  • Scripture Prayer: (Praying the truth over ourselves and others.)
  • Listening Prayer: (“Which way should I go?  What should I choose?”)
  • Prayer of Relief and Freedom: (Healing for the spirit, soul, and body.)
  • Fighting Prayer: (Spiritual warfare against the devil and his schemes.)

Each of these sections walks us through the correct way to pray, as laid out in Scripture and experienced by John and his community.  (Of course there is not one ‘right way’ to pray, but when I know someone is really good at something I like to learn from their success.  John can help us find the starting point and God will take us from there!)

John has spent his life setting people free to love God.  He has seen prayers answered in ways more powerful and miraculous than most of us would even hope to imagine.  But he has also seen prayers that did not bring about the results that he wanted.  His response to these apparent ‘successes’ and ‘failures’ is to fall back on Scripture and remember the purpose of our earthly existence.  We are here to become one with God.  Yes, we deeply desire for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  But sometimes there are setbacks, and we will never reach the full measure of joy, peace, health, and love this side of heaven.  This earth will contain disappointments and suffering, but no matter what happens we will ultimately win!  And while we are still here, God has delegated His authority to us to use on His behalf.  If we learn how to use it, our lives will never be the same!

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