Goals and Armor

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Last night we did our annual goals brainstorming with the kids. We reflected on the last year and reminded ourselves of the good things that happened. Then we took time to pray and think about the goals and plans that we have for the coming year. The kids were excited all day looking forward to this family time and celebration.

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After we finished this year’s sets of goals, we pulled out the goals from the previous two years. It was awesome to see how many of the goals the kids had accomplished!  But it was interesting to see which goals had changed, and which goals were staying the same…

Progress and Consistency

Each year we write out spiritual, emotional, education and physical goals. The educational and physical goals were different each year and most of the time they took the previous year’s goals to the next level. For example, one year they wanted to learn to dribble the basketball, the next year the goal was to learn how to do layups better. “Riding a bike with training wheels” to “riding a bike without training wheels.” “Learning about addition” and then the following year “learning multiplication.” The spiritual goals continued to get more specific and deeper from year to year. It went from “reading Bible stories” to learning more about a specific aspect of God or specific Bible story.

But what struck me was that the emotional goals remained pretty consistent. One child wanted to work on not being frustrated when they couldn’t figure out something.  This was on her list each of of the three years!  Another wanted to learn how not to act out in anger. We purposefully waited to read the previous year’s goals so as not to influence what they wrote this year, but they had many of the same goals on their heart.

Isn’t it interesting that at age 5, 7, and 9 our tendencies, bents, and sins are fairly well-established? Even many years later, each of us continue to struggle with the same general problems. Sure, we have a variety of things to work on, but they typically boil down to a few root stumbling blocks. Perfectionism, stubbornness, selfishness, pride etc.

Time For Battle

This is why it is so important to teach our children how to battle against their flesh and against the temptations and lies of the devil. Satan will continue to tempt them in the same exact way until they conquer it and get their flesh under control. This last year I taught a series on the Armor of God and have learned so much. We have all read Ephesians 6 and could probably list all the different pieces of armor, but do you know how to use them? How to teach your kids how to use them? I know I didn’t fully understand them.

What better gift could you give your kids, than to teach them how to fight against their main enemy?!? How amazing would it be to raise up a generation of ready warriors, well-trained and well-armed to take on the world and win it for the Lord!

Why don’t you make it one of your goals this year to teach your children and yourself how to put on the armor and use it effectively? We are in a war, and it is a war that we can win! And I don’t just mean that we will limp through life to win in the end – we can win the little battles consistently and live victorious lives!

The Journey Begins

For the next few weeks we will be going over the Armor of God. I pray that you will gain a deeper understanding of each piece and be able to pass it on to your children. As we go through the series, feel free to leave comments telling everyone what you have learned and how you have made it an everyday piece of your attire.

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