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Valentines Hearts

Words are so important. Click here to read my earlier post on why I think words are so powerful. Valentine’s Day is another perfect opportunity to speak life into your children. Last year from February 1st until February 14th I placed a heart on each child’s door. On each heart was a character trait we loved about them, a Bible verse to speak over them or a prayer we were praying for them. Each morning the kids would jump out of bed to see what new comment was on their door.

The Bible verses and prayers were for the most part the same for each child and they filled about half of the hearts. The character traits we tried to individualize and make it special for child. It took some time and some prayer to figure out what exactly we were going to say, but it was so worth it.


Last year Jacob was a baby so we did all of his in prayer form. Here is what we said about Jacob.

  1. We pray Jacob is smart!
  2. We pray Jacob loves dance parties!
  3. We pray Jacob grows in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man!
  4. We pray that Jacob is teachable!
  5. We pray that Jacob is not afraid!
  6. We pray Jacob will be a leader!
  7. We pray Jacob learns to obey!
  8. We pray Jacob is creative!
  9. We pray Jacob is confident in what he does!
  10. We pray Jacob loves God!
  11. We pray Jacob obeys his teachers!
  12. We pray Jacob loves the Bible!
  13. We pray Jacob is generous!
  14. We pray Jacob has a good sense of humor!

You can use some of our ideas but make sure you personalize it to your family. For example, Dance Parties are an important part of the Hanson Household. They occur often and we want everyone involved. Luckily our prayers were answered and Jacob joins right in.


Here are some of the comments we used for the big kids.


  • Luke protects Jacob and his sisters.
  • Luke is adventurous and loves to explore.
  • Luke is very thankful
  • Hannah is beautiful, inside and out. (we put this for both girls!)
  • Hannah loves to read.
  • Hannah puts others first.
  • Bekah is very loving
  • Bekah tackles every challenge!
  • Bekah always has a song in her heart

Thought this pictures is a good representation of LOVE!

Depending on your child and the personality of your household you can have a mix between silly, sweet and serious comments. Just remember that this is an opportunity to build your child up and not focus on what they need to work on. God made them who they are for a reason, celebrate it!

**I have a handy, dandy heart punch that I used to make their hearts. If you do not, just use a stencil or free hand it! The bigger heart on their door had their name on it and the Bible verse, Psalm 134:14

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