A Tony Evans Character Curriculum

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I have said before that parents are teachers.

Kids start out in this world with a blank slate. They don’t know anything. Much of what they learn, they will learn simply and instinctively, from their surroundings. (That’s why it’s so important that you put them in good surroundings!)  Those lessons happen naturally, but you can influence them with your purposeful questions. Other training is more formal.  There’s reading, writing, arithmetic, and all of the other practical skills that they need to learn to make it in this world. But the part I want to talk about today is the curriculum for character.

Character Curriculum

Question: what character traits do you want to make sure your children exhibit?  Put another way, when your kids are older, complete this sentence:  “I want my kids to be _________.”  And from their perspective, as adults you want them to say “My parents always made sure that I _______________”. Fill in the blank:  Was a hard worker, honest, always fair, etc, etc.  This legacy is more important than academics, and it takes purposeful effort to accomplish it.

Where to Begin?

Of course all good qualities are important, but what are your highest priorities?  What are your top five? What are your top 10?

Author and speaker Tony Evans has a book called Raising Kingdom Kids.  In it, he lists 6 virtues to pass on to your children, and we are going to share those today.   A brief summary is below, and you can download the list with definitions, Biblical examples, and supporting Scriptures here:

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Tony Evans’ Virtues For Kingdom Kids

  1. Wisdom:
    1. Tony calls this “The ability to take spiritual truths and consistently apply it to life’s realities.” It is application, not just information.   Wisdom allows you to make “the best possible decision in light of Biblical principles.”
    2. Application, not just information.
    3. Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
  2. Integrity
    1. Looking the part and being the part
    2. Like popcorn, the inside will eventually come out!
    3. Daniel is a good example of integrity. The only thing they could criticize was his faith.
  3. Faith
    1. Tony says that Faith is “…not some feeling. Faith is acting like God is telling the truth.”
    2. Teach your kids that they can rely on God and His Word.
    3. Faith will lead to action.
  4. Resiliency
    1. Faith grows through obstacles and adversity.
    2. Trials and problems will come, but they can be an opportunity for growth.
    3. This virtue allows kids to bounce back and be flexible. To not be crushed by disappointments.
  5. Purity
    1. Our sexuality is deeper and stronger than most people realize.
    2. Tony says, “The kingdom reason for sexual purity is that sex is a spiritual event. Our bodies are the temple of God.”
    3. The culture is purposefully teaching our kids a message about sex. We must be just as purposeful and relentless in teaching the opposite message!
  6. Service
    1. Our modern culture is selfish and isolated.
    2. Lead by example
    3. Ask the questions: “What did you do for your siblings today?”

How can you instill these six virtues into your children? Where are they today? More importantly, where are you today?  Are you living out these virtues?  Please understand my tone on this, there is not 1 ounce of judgment or guilt placed in the sentences. For me this is an incredible motivator to live my life the way I know I should.  Passing on these virtues will be worth it!

Please share – what are a few of the virtues you want to instill in your kids?


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