Character Cards: Selflessness

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Character Curriculum and Character Cards

Have you ever looked at your children and thought, “Wow, we have a lot of work to do with these kids!”? You are not alone.

Every parent has been there.  You’ve broken up yet another argument about who gets to play with the toy.  You’ve told one kid to stop being mean to the other.  You’ve told them to stop whining, you’ve scolded them for not obeying right away, and you’ve told them to be happy with the snack that you gave them.  And it’s only 10am!

One day my dear friend Ruth and I were talking about the usual frustrations of parenting.  There were so many things that we seemed to be dealing with constantly.  Day in, day out.  We decided that we desperately needed to do something proactive that would help our kids understand the importance of their decisions and their actions.  The more we discussed, the more we realized that each of the childish issues were really just symptoms of a deeper problem.  In other words, there was a character trait that needed to be improved.

Ruth and I and our 8 kids last year at a Nature Center.

Ruth and I and our 8 kids last year at a Nature Center.

To actually change,the kids need to know what the Scriptures say about it.  If they understand the ‘Why’ then they will be able to apply the principle in a variety of situations as they get older.  So, we worked together to create Character Cards.

Our process of creating them was first to identify the common bad interactions that our kids frequently have.  Then we tried to break them down and find the root.  Why are we constantly having issues with this?  What is the character trait?  Then we looked for Biblical examples of the positive and negative sides of the character trait.  Kids (and adults) learn best from stories, and by making the stories relatable, we are:

1)      Giving them a good examples

2)      Teaching them that the Bible is relevant and helpful for figuring out what to do in our own life

You will see from these Character Cards that for every trait there is a good and a bad at opposite ends of the spectrum.  We want to make our kids aware of the decisions that they are making.  We are teaching our kids that whether you intend to or not, you have a good or a bad decision that you can make in each and every situation.  My family calls it a wise decision and a foolish decision.

We are teaching them how we become more Christ like.  “Just stop because I said so” is fine to say sometimes, but in the long run it isn’t as effective as “Remember that God told us how to make wise decisions.”

I will share one Character Card Ruth and I made together every other month for the next year so that you can focus on one idea at a time.  We hope that you can use them to start good conversations with your kids about very important topics.  And we have found that they are a good reminder for parents too!

This month’s Character Card focuses on being Selfless. This will be a good reminder as we head into the Christmas Season. It is always good to remind ourselves and our children that it is more blessed to give than to receive. In each lesson there will be a Bible Story to read, followed by discussion questions. The next section will help you apply the principles of the story to your everyday life. Feel free to add your own personal examples. At the end of the lessons are other Bible verses that go along with the lesson to compliment what you have learned. We pray these are a blessing to your family as you all continue to grown in your faith.

Character Card: Selflessness


 It’s Not Complicated

Here are a couple videos that prove that character development can be fun!



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