Character Card: Self-Control vs. Self-Indulgence

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Today we are giving away the third Character Card in the series. The first Character Card talked about Selflessness. The second Character Card talks about Boldness. This one will talk about Self-Control.

It is so important to teach our children at a very young age to have self-control. Remember, to actually change,the kids need to know that God is ready and able to help them learn how to control their self.  It does not come naturally, it has to be taught.

This is where Character Cards are so helpful. We tried to break down each trait and find the root problem. Then we looked for Biblical examples of the positive and/or negative sides of the character trait.  Kids (and adults) learn best from stories, and by making the stories relatable, we are:

  1. Giving them good examples
  2. Teaching them that the Bible is relevant and helpful for figuring out what to do in our own life

You will see from these Character Cards that for every trait there is a good and a bad option that are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  We want to make our kids aware of the decisions that they are making.  We are teaching our kids that whether you intend to or not, you have a good or a bad decision that you can make in each and every situation.  My family calls it a wise decision and a foolish decision.

This month’s Character Card focuses on how to be self-controlled. Lent is a great time of the year to focus on controlling your urges and not giving in to your natural or sinful desires. In this lesson there will be a Bible lesson to read, followed by discussion questions. The next section will help you apply the principles of the story to your everyday life. Feel free to add your own personal examples. At the end of the lessons are other Bible verses that go along with the lesson to complement what you have learned. We pray these are a blessing to your family as you all continue to grow in your faith.

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 It’s Not Complicated

Here is a video that proves that character development can be fun!


Self-Control Activity:  Good practice for the family

I got this idea from Michelle Dugger from the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting. Starting at the age of 18 months she puts a blanket on the floor and has her kids sit on the blanket and practice sitting still and sitting quietly. They have to stay on the blanket for the number of minutes that matches their age. For example, an 18 month old will sit for 1 minute and a 5 year old for 5 minutes. When she is first teaching the kid she does it with them. She sits quietly with her hands in her lap to show them what she expects. When they get up or start talking she gently reminds them of the rules. She does it three times a day until they are a little older and can remember things better. I am not sure exactly what age she stops the daily practice of it, but it is a great tool to use to help your child learn self-control. I did this with my older three. We only did it once a day and I averaged their ages and did the middle amount of minutes. We called it “Our Self-control activity” and made it a fun game to play. That reminds me that I need to start doing this with my youngest so he can start learning to control his willful self!


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