2 Reasons to be Thankful (And 15 More)

Here are some of the leaves from our Thankful Tree

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus


I just got back from a wonderful conference in Nashville. It was an amazing and much-needed time of refreshing. The opening session put my mind on track to really get all that I needed from God the rest of my time there. I needed a mind shift, a perspective change, and they took care of it right off the bat.

They brought us to the Old Testament where David was assigning each member of Israel a job and explaining what that job entailed. At the end David designated people to one simple but important task- to give thanks to God. The leaders of the conference pointed out that no matter what title we have at the end of our name, we all have the same line in our job description. We are all to give thanks to God!

The past few years have been a battle for me. Some days I am standing strong, and others I am nursing my wounds. Through it all I am grateful that each and every situation has brought me closer to my heavenly Father and I have talked with Him in ways I have not done before. I have seen change, I have seen victory, but it seemed like there was one last hurdle that I just couldn’t get over to have full and complete healing. I knew in my head what I was supposed to believe and I told myself over and over what the truth was, but in all honesty I still hadn’t convinced my heart that those things were true. I was still hesitant and not quite willing to let go of all my control, in fear that I might be hurt one more time and never be able to recover.

But then I heard these four simple words, Give Thanks to God. Now I know these are not “new” words. I have heard them many times and have even said them, but my heart has not been able to say them lately without a little clause on the end.

  • I will thank God for all that He has provided, but I wish things would have happened in a different way.
  • I will thank God for the ways He has healed my heart, but if He could just whip so and so into shape I wouldn’t have to protect my heart so much and I could love more freely and easily.
  • I will thank God for ordering my steps, but I wish things would change a little faster.

The clause at the end made it so I couldn’t simply love God and be grateful for who He is just because He is who He says He is.

After that session, I went back to my room and looked up “Give Thanks” to see what those scriptures said. I started to write the references down and quickly noticed a pattern. There were several different phrases that continued to be tied to the word “Give Thanks.” The two top reasons on why we should give thanks is because: God is good and God’s love endures forever.

Think about it. Those two reasons alone are reason enough to be thankful. Reason enough to not book a second, or tenth pity party.  To be truly thankful you have to believe those two facts about God. They have to be Truth in your life:

God is good and He will love you forever!!

As I looked up these scriptures I made a list of all the reasons that we should be thankful. I pray that as we enter into the week of Thanksgiving we can all take a holiday from our worry, doubt, fear and anxiety and just focus on these few (but amazing) reasons to be thankful.

Give Thanks because:

  1. He is Good
  2. His Love Endures forever
  3. He delivers
  4. He is glorious
  5. He does good deeds
  6. He is Righteous
  7. He answers
  8. He is our salvation
  9. He is the God of gods
  10. He is the Lord of lords
  11. He is the God of Heaven
  12. He is the Lord Almighty
  13. He gives grace
  14. He gives us victory through Jesus Christ
  15. His gracious favor
  16. He lives forever
  17. He is powerful

So no matter what life circumstance you are facing, you can choose to be thankful. Even if your marriage is falling apart, your kids are making foolish choices, you are miserable at your job or your friend has wounded you. These 17 reasons can turn your life around. Believe them. Be thankful for them!


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2 thoughts on “2 Reasons to be Thankful (And 15 More)

  1. Ruth says:

    Amen Amen!! Beautiful and Powerful Post! Thank you for it!

  2. Tom says:

    Great reminder! Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how thankfulness can begin to turn a dark day sunny 🙂

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