Christmas Gift Idea for the Hubby!

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12 dates for Christmas:

Ladies- a relationship is a two way street. We shouldn’t expect our husbands to be the only ones to plan date nights. You can play an active role in this area of your marriage too. Not only will it relieve some of the pressure off your husband, but you might actually have a lot of fun planning it yourself.

It’s not the gift but the thought that counts! Right? Here is one gift idea that the thought will really count in your husband’s book. Nate still claims it was one of his favorite gifts ever! Two years ago I came across this idea on Dating Divas, and I have since found it on other websites as well. It is a gift of twelve envelopes. Each envelope represents a month of the year. Within each envelope is a note describing what date you will be going on that month. The dates can range from a fancy, candlelight dinner and dancing to a movie night at home. It is your choice. Our budget doesn’t allow expensive date nights each month so I had to get creative. This was the fun part. The point is the thought that went into it and not how much money you spent.

Thankfully we had been given some gift cards to restaurants that we had not been able to use yet, so they got re-gifted for this present. My man appreciates when I wear fun undergarments once in awhile so a few of his favorites and a few new ones got put into the envelopes to give him an idea of what would be worn at some point in the night. ;-)(Tip: Kohl’s clearance section is an excellent place for fun undergarments and nightgowns, and most can be found for a few dollars!)

When life gets busy and you start having kids it is hard to actually have time for those dates. Putting in the time now to plan out some fun nights out or in will increase your chances of actually getting it done. Grab a friend and convince her to do it too. Switch off babysitting for free to make the night even cheaper. It is so worth making the extra effort to continue to date your spouse. Even if you only get half of them done (like we did the first year) it will still made a big difference to my husband who was missing quality time with his wife.

Below are some of the dates we actually did and then other ideas to get you thinking. Feel free to come up with your own. You can do it! Just think: What does your husband like to do? What type of activities did you do when you were dating? Is there a new skill that you want to learn that you can do together? Remember holidays and major events that go on throughout the year. Keep those in mind as you plan…is there a fireworks display that you have wanted to go to on the fourth of July? Does your city hold a festival that would be fun to walk around? When is your anniversary, his birthday and valentine’s day?

Symphony in KC: This is actually a boy date in our house...the dressing up and dinner is the girl part :-)

Symphony in KC: This is actually a guy date in our house…the dressing up and dinner is the girl part 🙂

There were a couple months that I didn’t plan an outing: Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary/my birthday month. Nate likes planning fun date nights and he is really good at it so I didn’t want to take that away from him. For those months I told him he was in charge of the entertainment but I will provide the outfit. 🙂 Also, make sure that some of the nights are what we call “guy dates”. Remember this is a way to bless him. Don’t make all the dates just eating out and talking or things that only you like to do. Be creative!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Go to a driving range and watch him hit balls and then play putt putt together.
  2. Go to his favorite restuarant and then to a guy movie.
  3. Watch a movie together at home with sparkling grape juice.
  4. Go to a coffee shop and listen to music.
  5. Play a card game or a board game together.
  6. Take a cooking class together or cook something fun together at home.
  7. Go on a long walk or bike ride.
  8. Go on a picnic at a scenic park.
  9. Go to the symphony or concert.
  10. Go to a play.
  11. Take a dance lesson. (Swing, waltz, cha-cha, country two-step, etc)
  12. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
  13. Go to a book store, hardware store, furniture store and “window shop” or dream.
  14. Exercise together.
  15. Go to a marriage retreat.
  16. Christmas shop together.
  17. Go to a sporting event.
  18. Go shoot guns.  (Nate says that I should have said “Go to a shooting range.”)
  19. Cook him a fancy dinner after the kids go to bed.
  20. Cook smores outside on a fire pit while looking at the stars.
  21. Get the grandparents to watch the kids for a weekend and go to a hotel in town or out of town.
  22. Watch a chick-flick and then have your own personal date in your own living room.
  23. Watch Sunday night football and make all his favorite tailgating treats.
  24. Watch your favorite holiday movie


Learning how to do the Cowboy Cha-Cha!

Learning how to do the Cowboy Cha-Cha!-This is a girl date for us 🙂 

What are some creative date nights you have had with your spouse?

We want to hear from you!