Crayola: What Endless Possibilities!!!

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Of course we have all heard of the Crayola brand and its many wonderful items. Today I want to focus on three of our favorites.

Color Wonder Markers

These have come in handy on car trips and in places where we needed our little one to sit and be halfway quiet. The markers only work with special paper so you don’t have to worry about them writing on the walls, chairs or clothes. We used these a lot for Hannah’s basketball games to keep Jacob entertained and not running out onto the court.

Washable Kid’s Paint

I am not a huge fan of painting but these are the easiest to clean up paints that I have found. They also have a lot of different colors to choose from. The kids love them and have a lot of fun doing all kinds of art projects with these. It even washes well out of clothes too!


Crystal Effects Window Markers

I have to admit I was skeptical about these at first. The kids were given these as gifts and I was hesitant to use them. However, they are super cool and have provided a lot of fun, creative entertainment for the kids. Depending on the weather it might take a little bit for the crystal effect to completely show up but it does look really neat. It also cleans up pretty well. To wash it off you simply use a damp paper towel. I did have to follow the paper towel with my normal glass cleaner to completely remove it.


What are your favorite Crayola items?


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