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Today we are going to talk about one of our favorite brands: Melissa and Doug. They can be found in most stores like Target and Walmart and are also found in specialty stores. We have been given several quality Melissa and Doug toys that we will describe.

We were given both the Memory Game and Hang-Man from Nate’s sister. The blue covers are attached to the board and you just lift them up to reveal what is underneath. It is awesome to not have to be looking for missing pieces throughout the van!  We travel a lot so these games have come in handy.

Memory Game with 6 different cards.

Memory Game with 7 different cards.

Memory Game

Flip and Win Hang Man

My kids love arts and crafts. We have used several of their supplies: crayons, large coloring sheets, Paint with Water sheets, and reusable stickers. These have provided hours of fun.

Here are some of the items we have used: The Reusable stickers are probably our kid’s favorite one. Each book has several different scenes that you can use to role play your story. There are girl and boy versions to all of these.

Reusable Stickers

Reusable Stickers

Reusable Stickers

Jumbo Coloring Sheets

For our toddlers we have liked the Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter and the Gears Toy.

They also have great puzzles for toddlers. They are big and sturdy.

One of many options of block puzzles.

One of many options of block puzzles.

Wooden Puzzles for your toddler and learning puzzles for the preschoolers.

This is one of our new favorite shape puzzles.

This is one of our new favorite shape puzzles.

What I love about Melissa and Doug is that all of their toys encourage imagination and/or learning. They are fun to play and the child is gaining skills that will help them later in school. Some of the more educational or basic skills toys that we like are the Shapes Clock and the Lace and Trace Cards.

Lastly there are several Melissa and Doug toys that allow the child to role play. My girls played with the Magnetic Dolls for hours when they were younger. There are boy and girl versions of these also.

My only problem with Melissa and Doug products is that some of the toys have no lid. Once you open the packaging there is no lid to close it back up. We have had to put the pieces in baggies to keep from losing them. Other than that I am very pleased with the quality of these products.

What is your favorite Melissa and Doug product??


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  1. Leah says:

    I’m glad someone else has noticed the lack of lids! 🙂 We have tons of the play food and the kids loved getting it out to play restaurant. We’ve enjoyed the memory game, hangman and the puzzles like you. We also have the license plate game, which is a fun update to the classic game. It has actual pictures of the license plates, so the kids can see what they’re looking for, especially before they can read.

    It’s probably too late for this year, but we noticed that the calendar/toy stores that pop up in malls right before Christmas sell a lot of Melissa and Doug toys. Since the stores close after the holidays, we always go to one in the week after Christmas and stock up on things to use as gifts for birthday parties while the toys are at least 50% off. Great time to get some good deals on Melissa and Doug! Glad to hear a good review of the reusable sticker pads. We almost bought one this year, but passed. I’ll have to keep it in mind for the future!

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