Boldly Wrong

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I hate being wrong.

I think over the years I have linked “being right” to my value and self-worth.  Everyone creates their inner ‘this is who I am and this is what I do,’ and I think this is part of mine.  The tragic flaw in this logic is that if I am awesome when I am right then I am not awesome when I am wrong.  So being wrong becomes equal to failure, which must be avoided at all costs.  And that, my friend, is no way to go through life.

So that brings me to Columbus.  Columbus was wrong.  He believed that the earth was small enough that he could safely sail around the back and wind up in the East Indies.  He not only believed it in his head, he took bold and courageous action.  He bravely sailed into the great unknown and risked it all.  One problem, the ‘short cut’ was not as short as he expected, and there was a giant land mass in the way.  He was very wrong.  But by being wrong, he got something unimaginably right.    

This is a good lesson for me.  I have been reminded recently (by Mindset and Daring Greatly) that growth and development is more important than perfection.  I’ve been reminded that my worth is in Christ, not in my successes.  I need to remember that my ‘wrong turn’ might lead me to a better place than where I was trying to go.  Even if the future is unclear and I might be wrong, I can be bold in knowing that sometimes a failure can turn into success.  The wrong answer can become right.

If you have the courage to be boldly wrong, you may just discover something that you never knew you were missing. 

What are you not doing because you might be wrong? 

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