Columbus and the Crocodile Hunter

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The Crocodile Hunter

What’s Your Passion?

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that my first episode of Duck Dynasty was one of those moments that I will never forget.  I have another unforgettable TV moment – my first episode of The Crocodile Hunter.

Now, it is important for you to to realize that I am fairly oblivious to pop culture.  It doesn’t interest me and I tend to be a reverse snob at times.  All that to say, I had never heard of The Crocodile Hunter.  (For you younger readers, imagine Bear Grylls with an Australian accent.) So when I randomly happened across it, I spent the next 30 minutes saying “I can’t believe I am seeing this!”  If I remember correctly, this episode started out with Steve Irwin and his wife and dog in a little boat.  They were going down a narrow creek, ducking under low-hanging branches.  In his outrageous Australian accent, The Crocodile Hunter was excitedly describing the presence of the crocodiles in the dark water surrounding the boat.  Things were going fine until he stopped to admire a snake in one of the trees.  In the blink of an eye, the snake struck his arm multiple times, and then latched on.  In the ensuing panic, the snake fell into the boat and his wife and dog fell into the crocodile-infested water, leaving Steve in the boat with blood running down his arm.  All the while I’m thinking, “What is wrong with this guy?!?”  Why is he doing that?

I think the answer is passion.  He knew his purpose in life, and he was passionate about it.   

Today is the day that we celebrate Columbus.  Various historians will take turns honoring him and discrediting him, depending on what is trendy and sells the most books at the time, but I would like to talk about Columbus’ motives for ‘sailing the ocean blue.’

Some of the reasons that Columbus risked his life were:

  • Business reasons
  • Political reasons
  • Personal reasons
  • Religious reasons

Chistopher meant “Christ-bearer” in Italian, and he wrote in his diary about his desire to bring Christ to a new land.  He was also passionate about exploration, and there was money and fame and honor that came with great exploits.  He obviously had a deep passion to fulfill his destiny, and he did what it took to accomplish it.

And that’s oK.


We men are wired with a purpose and a passion to fulfill that purpose.  We are passionate about sports, work, success, and on and on.  I would like to give you permission today to be passionate.  In fact, I would like to challenge you to take time to uncover your purpose and really go for it!  Now, I know that most of us will never be as manic as Steve Irwin, and we will probably not have the opportunity to sail the seas like Columbus.  However, just like their passion drove them to great feats, we too can tap into our God-given passions to achieve great things.  What is your purpose?  What is your passion?  What can you do today to live it out?

Comments are welcome – how did you find your passion?  What habits do you cultivate so that your passions are not squelched by the daily grind?  How do you see and feel yourself ‘come alive’ when you are doing what you love?  Don’t be shy – we want to know!

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