Text Tone

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Oh be careful little mouth what you say

Oh be careful little mouth what you say

For the Father up above is looking down in love

So be careful little mouth what you say

Anyone remember this oldie but goodie? Today I was texting back and forth with my husband and noticed myself adding extra inflection to my words as I was telling Siri what to text. Subconsciously I think I was expecting Siri to translate my tone and my humor into the text. I chuckled to myself as I read my text to make sure that Siri interpreted it right. She got the words right, but somehow it didn’t have the extra kick of humor that would have been there if I was talking with Nate face to face. Thankfully my husband knows me well, and I am sure he was able to read each and every text in the tone of voice that I had hoped. Even if he didn’t, he knows and understands my heart.

But it got me to thinking. Not everyone knows me this well. It doesn’t matter how I tell Siri to say it – the recipient of my text will interpret it any way they choose. Scary, isn’t it! Words are so powerful. What we say to others can make a dramatic impact on their mood, emotions and outlook. That is why we must choose our words wisely. We must also choose how to hear words. We can allow words to affect us in a positive or negative way. Only through the help of God can we interpret things in the way that we should.


Nate and I led a parenting seminar a couple weekends ago and I loved the challenge that Dr. Tony Evans gave us. “In what you are doing, are you making God look good?”  This is just a plain way of asking whether we are giving God glory and honoring him with our words and actions.  We represent Him. Tony gave another question to evaluate our words and actions:  “Is God having as much fun as you?” Interesting questions. Tony talked about how God is with us and sees our every move. We need to be aware of His presence so much that we allow it to change how we act and what we say. Just like when we see a police officer, we immediately start driving in a way that will please them as we pass by. In the same way we need to walk and talk in ways that please our ever present Father who is right by our side.

Are your words spoken in a way that would please God? Are you allowing Him into your thought life so that you can interpret conversations in a way that promote positive perspectives? I am good at remembering God is with me when I need Him but I am going to work on remembering He isn’t a visitor in my life but a constant companion.

PS: Come to find out, Nate did have to give me grace for one of my texts.  He assumed I was not being rude, but he couldn’t tell by focusing on my words. Thankfully he knows my heart and trusts me.  Guess I still need to work on making sure I use the right words! :-p

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