School Time is Here!!

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Is it possible that your child can look years older after only the first day of school?  Well, I think that is exactly what happened to my first born yesterday! It’s hard to believe that we now have a third grader and a first grader. Man, time has flown!

I am so excited for this school year! I think this will be a year of growth for all of us. I am looking forward to my children increasing in their knowledge of God, history, math, science and reading.  As a parent we have a lot of influence on the attitudes our children exhibit when it comes to education. Make sure you are setting a positive one towards learning. If a child is instilled with a love for learning at a young age they will be life-long learners. They will have great success and will not be afraid of the unknown. Instead they will be challenged and excited to learn something new.  (My husband points out that is an important career skill too!)

Remind them that God created them perfectly and differently from those around them. Each one has different talents and abilities. Some will be good at math, others at reading and still others at music or sports. It doesn’t make one better than the other, just different. Encourage them when they are frustrated and don’t understand something. Teach them that they have the mind of Christ and that they can do all things with Him. Praise the small steps in those harder subjects to help encourage them to continue to get better. Take the time to listen to their struggles and then pray and ask God to show you ways to teach them so that they will understand.

Good Goals

It is important to remember that the kids are learning a lot more than simply academics.  I about cried as I listened to Hannah’s teacher list off her goals for the year at our orientation on Sunday. They were so good, I just have to share.

Goals for the 2014-2015 School Year

  1. That each child would know God better and be able to walk it out in practical ways.
  2. That a love for learning would be instilled or fostered in each child.
  3. That each child would learn the following life skills:
    1. Necessity of organization
    2. Actions have consequences
    3. The importance of godly attitudes and the choice we have in making them
    4.  Learning from one’s mistakes
    5. Understand what love looks like

Her class motto: Attitude is contagious! Is yours worth catching?


I believe all parents should turn these goals into prayers for their own children.  Last night at our Wednesday night kid’s service we gathered all the kids up in groups and prayed over them. It was an amazing time to speak the Word over their lives and remind them of who they have on their team.  If you haven’t already, set your kids down and pray over them. Lay your hands on them and pray over their school year, their friends, their teachers and their own hearts. Remind them that you are praying for them and that you and God are there for them.

If you need help, here is a prayer you can adapt as your own:

Dear Father,

I thank you for (names of your children). I know you have great plans for them this school year. In your Word it says that you have plans to prosper them and not to harm them. Plans of a great future filled with hope. I pray that as they start this school year you would take away any fears and anxiety. Remind them that you are with them and you will help them. I pray that you surround them with godly friends that will encourage them and strength them. That their friends would not gossip or bully but love and serve each other. Lord, give them wisdom and discernment as they choose who to spend their time with.  I pray that (child’s name) teacher would be kind and compassionate. That they would know exactly how to teach the different subjects in a way that (child’s name) would understand. I pray that (child’s name) would be bold and courageous. That they would be willing to stand up for what is right. I pray that they would be a light for Jesus. That others would see that they are different and would want to be like them. I thank you that you will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you that you are with us and this is going to be a great year!

In Jesus’ name, Amen

The new year has arrived – let’s make the most of it!


Here are two resources to help you as you start this new school year:

  1.  Resources on how to talk with your child about hard situations they may face in school: What’s In The Bible
  2. Joe McGee’s Resources:  There a lots of great resources here!  In the Parenting section:   School Promises and Back to School Top 10 List are excellent.
  3. Printable Goals and Prayer


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