Peter’s Faith For Life’s Storms

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Peter’s Faith For Life’s Storm

This week I was teaching the kiddos at my church about the disciple Peter. He was such a passionate and devoted follower of Jesus, and there is so much that we can learn from Him.

Peter’s name was Simon, but Jesus choose to change his name to Peter which means “rock.” Peter was a mighty man of God and did amazing things for the kingdom. God choose a name for Him, He spoke the name over him to help him become who God created Him to be.

Peter didn’t start off rock solid. But because of his passionate spirit he always tried. God met him where he was, and Peter took the truths that he learned to become the man God created Him to be.

Today we are going to talk about one of the times when Peter stepped out in faith but then faltered and learned a very valuable lesson.

Matthew 14:22-33

In this event, Peter trusted God. He had learned about who Jesus was, and he wanted to follow Him in any way that He could. Peter started off correctly, but he made one potentially fatal error. He took His eyes off Jesus. You see, Peter was able to take that step of faith onto the water because He was looking at His source. But the moment that he took His eyes off Jesus and looked down and all around at the circumstances he found himself in, he began to sink.

He focused more on the waves crashing around him instead of the one person who could safely taking him across the sea.

Thankfully he did the very best thing he could do, He called out to the only one who could save him. He cried out, “Lord, save me!!” And Just like Jesus always does, He reached down into Peter’s storm and brought him back on top. He put him on top of the storm that he found himself in and he walked Him safely back into the boat.

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have some storms rushing around me. Sometimes they are just a mild annoyance. Enough wind and waves that I notice they are there but I can still pretty much do what I need to do without too much headache.

Other times the boat is rocking and I am starting to get seasick. Still other times I found myself in a place where I tried to stay away from the storms but they came to me. They crashed over the side of my boat and on top of my lap.

But staying inside the boat doesn’t do you any good. It is when we get out of that boat and walk towards our Savior that we can put that storm under our feet and get to where we need to go.

Are your storms causing you to hunker down and wait out the storm, hoping you will be in one piece when it is all done? Maybe you have taken that step out onto the water but then you are distracted by the circumstances or problems and feel yourself starting to sink instead.

One thing is for sure. We will all have storms, but we can overcome those storms by doing one simple thing. We can keep our eyes focused on the one who has conquered the storms already. We can continue to seek wisdom in His Word. We can pray and lay the situation or problem at His feet. We can keep our eyes focused on the one that can return our hope and our joy.

Today I challenge you to take that step of faith. Get out of the boat and start walking on the very thing that is trying to take you out. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and you will walk right out of that storm victorious!

Remember Jesus’ words, “Don’t be afraid! Take courage! I AM HERE!

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