Lent: From 60 to 0

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Car lovers know that a car’s acceleration is described by the amount of time it takes to go from a standstill (0 mph) to 60 mph.  Today I’m talking about the opposite effect – how long does it take to slow down from 60 to 0?

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.  This is not a holiday that we have emphasized in the traditional way, but I definitely like its concept.  We feel that it is important to spend some time getting ready for the Easter and Passover week, which is the most meaningful time of the year for us.  It is just not possible to wake up on Easter morning and grasp the full depth of the day if you have not been preparing your heart and your mind.  Life moves so fast – I want to be able to come to a full and complete stop on this week so that we can truly focus and be changed.

Some people give things up for Lent, which is a great way to teach yourself discipline and to willingly take on a tiny bit of suffering that reminds us of Christ’s incredible suffering.  It is also a good reminder that Jesus’ betrayal and murder were terrible and somber events.  We should therefore commemorate it with solemnity.

The main thing that we try to do each year is to read through the exodus story and the events leading up to the crucifixion.  Our minds and hearts do well with repetition, so it can’t hurt to keep reading through them:

  • Exodus 1-12
  • Matthew 26,27
  • Mark 14, 15
  • Luke 22, 23
  • John 12-20

By reading through these stories we get ready for Palm Sunday and the events that follow.

I hope that you join us over the next 40 days to decelerate and focus.  We’d love to know – what do you do to observe the ancient holiday of Lent?  How do you prepare for Easter?

We want to hear from you!