Question:  How do you hold your focus on something that is important?  Facebook Status Updates and the CNN/FoxNews Screen-Crawl are the best visual examples, but the same applies at my work.  I will be in a meeting with my boss on Thursday, and he will lay out an exciting new plan.  In my mind, the things he says are the most important tasks on earth.  I know that I need to focus on these tasks and get them done.  But then 5 business days later I have forgotten all about his new project and I’m busily tackling the problem of the day.   How can that be?  Maybe a better question, how can it not be?

How do you, how can I, grab on to the important thing and keep it across minutes and days and even years?  Some weeks it feels like we’ve fallen out of the whitewater raft and are rushing down the mountain stream.  The ride is exhilarating, but in life we sometimes have to stop and focus on one thing for a while.  So when we find that important rock, how do you grab on and let the water rush by you?  Eventually the moment pries you loose and you leave that rock and find a dozen more.  Change can be good, so we shouldn’t always resist, but what if that one rock was The Rock?  Your Rock?  If so, then the water’s pull has dislodged you from the most important area of focus of your life and swept you away.

 So my question to you is:  How do you hold your focus?

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