Summer Break: The Top 5

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We are taking a few days off from posting, so here are the posts that have been the most popular so far.

Respect…Just a Little Bit

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OPLWhen I heard my exact words spoken to me in my own tone of voice, I realized how cutting they could be.


My husband had just said something very unkind to me, in a tone of voice that was just uncalled for! But as much as I hate to admit it, I had said exactly the same thing to him only minutes before. Hmmmm. I learned two valuable lessons that day: Words do hurt, and it does matter how you say them. Continue Reading…


Guys – Creative Date Nights

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DateAh, date nights. I remember those! Back when we were single and I was trying to woo her we did all sorts of interesting and creative things together. Usually cheap things, because we didn’t have much money. But like most couples, after a year or 11 of marriage it is easy to let this area of your relationship slip. There are extra complications with having a date night (I have 4 of them), and there is busy-ness, routine, and just plain laziness. Today’s post is a reminder to you married men that you need to keep dating your wife.

Make It A Priority Continue Reading…


Traveling-Packing Clothes


DSCN2852Since the holidays are approaching we thought we would share some of our traveling tips that we have picked up over the years. We have not lived in the same town as our families since we have been married. Therefore, most major holidays, some minor holidays, and a few weekends in between we are on the road. Thankfully our kids are wonderful travelers! They have been doing it since birth and so it is a normal part of their lives.

Little by little I have been working on making our packing and traveling go more smoothly. Since we do it about every month to month and a half I want it to be quick and efficient. Of course, my husband reminds me that there is a Walmart in all the locations that we frequent, but it just kills me to buy something that I know I have 6 of at home! The one time I didn’t feel bad was when I had to buy long sleeve shirts and pants for my girls for a July balloon festival that end up being abnormally cold. Who would have guessed a cold front would come through in the middle of the summer?

So that was an exception, but to prevent me from forgetting simple things like underwear and toothpaste… Continue Reading…


Marital Intimacy Troubleshooting – Men

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WeddingRingsWith Valentine’s Day soon to come, we started a series about Marital Intimacy. First, we discussed the fact that it is important. Then we reviewed the importance of communication.However, marital intimacy is a struggle for many couples. Maybe all couples? Because of that, we are trying to get at the root of Why. Why do we struggle to make this a vibrant part of our marriage? Why don’t we serve each other better and more thoroughly? This week we will throw out some ideas, starting with the guys.Continue Reading…


Fun Games to Play – Spouses Only! 😉

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WeddingRingsLast week was Valentine’s Day! If you forgot or didn’t quite have time to get something, we have got you covered! Awhile back I came across the website for the Dating Divas. This website is devoted to dating your spouse to keep your marriage alive and thriving. As you have probably gathered, we are firm believer of keeping the intimate part of your relationship healthy. Now don’t get me wrong, we slip too and it falls down the priority chain. But we have committed to doing everything we can to keep it in its proper place. It is so important to have regular check-up conversations to make sure this part of your marriage doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

One way to slow down and really take the time to pour love into each other is to play a fun game. We aren’t talking about using objects to enhance your interaction but just taking the time to bless each other. All you need is you, your spouse and one of these games printed out on paper. Continue Reading…


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