Meaningful Mother’s Day Ideas For Dads of Young Kids

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My current condition as I write this post is that I have been married to Dana for 11 years and we have 4 kids, age 8 and under.  This makes Mother’s Day an important event in our home.

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your wife how much you love her by helping the kids to express how much they love her.  Men, this will require some creativity, some courage, some patience, and some humor!   It probably also means that you need to start planning today!  Remember that you only have 4 days to get this done.  Here is the game plan:

1)      Get the kids in a room without mom around and brainstorm some ideas.  Please don’t rain on their parade!  They will come up with some crazy, outlandish, impractical ideas.  Write them down (or better yet, let a school-aged kid write the list) as the ideas come.  Who knows, they may think of something brilliant.  And regardless, your wife might enjoy hearing about their ideas later!  The main objective of this exercise is to get the kids excited about the idea of doing something special for mommy.  As they come up with a list you can also make gentle suggestions of affordable things that she will actually like.  Things like candles, lotion, or gift cards to Home Depot, depending on your wife’s preferences! (See previous post!)

2)      Take them to buy her a card. It is fun to turn them loose and let them pick something out, but of course you will steer them to better ideas and maybe veto really bad ideas.  The kids love to pick things out for mom.  (Don’t forget to buy her a separate card from you.  It is a foul to try to consolidate it all into one card to save money.  That is a thought that would count against you.)

3)      After paying the annual Hallmark tax, take them to pick something out for her from the list that you created.  This could literally be a $3 tube of lotion from Walmart or a fine-tipped Sharpie from OfficeMax.  We always get Dana flowers that she will plant in planters and flower gardens outside.  The idea again is to spend time working as a team to find something that your wife will appreciate.  (The other side benefit here is that you have taken the kids for an hour or two, leaving your wife to relax or get something done. This is a little present to her also, and she will enjoy it all the more, knowing that her man and her little flock are scheming together about ways to bless her for Mother’s Day. )

4)      When you are home you can attempt some type of craft.  Luckily for me, my oldest girls are at the stage where they can take it from here.  Where are the glue sticks?  I don’t know, but they do!  A simple activity for young kids is the old ‘make mommy a nice picture’ routine.  As they get older, you can get more sophisticated, suggesting that they make her a card or some artwork to put somewhere.  An even nicer idea is to help them come up with things that they like about their mom and write them out. If you are feeling extra ambitious, spend a few seconds on her Pinterest account and you will find eleventy billion ideas for “Mother’s Day Crafts.”  Pinterest was made for Mother’s Day crafts.

5)      Food.  More risky, but potentially very rewarding.  We have attempted breakfast in bed before, and it was very special.  Very messy, very dangerous, but very special.  Weigh the pros and cons on this one, because sometimes she would prefer that you leave her kitchen alone!

There is nothing earth-shattering or intensely creative about my 50% of a top 10 list, but your wife is probably not looking for that.  She is probably a good-hearted woman who deep down wants to be cherished and loved by her husband and kids.  If you purposefully spend some time and effort, you will be able to bond with your children, strengthen your kids’ love for their momma, and honor your wife.  Sounds like a good day to me!

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