Daddy’s Sweatshirts


For today’s post I am asking a question – what is it about my sweatshirts that my little girls like so much?

Two times in the last month I have had a smiling little girl make a simple request:  “Daddy, can I wear one of your sweatshirts?”

This is the kind of request that I am powerless to refuse, and I was more than happy to comply.  When I gave them my old sweatshirts to them you would have thought I had given them a brand new outfit!  We have posted before just how important a dad is to his daughters, and this was just one more reminder for me.  Dads – you play a special role in the life of your daughter.  Sometimes the little things will make a big difference, so be alert.

Girls – any advice for me here?  What is it about my sweatshirts that Hannah and Bekah love so much?

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4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Sweatshirts

  1. Virginia King says:

    Enjoy this until the day they come home with a boyfriends sweatshirt, jean jacket, letter jacket, t-shirt, or class ring! I am not sure why, but my insides say they want to “belong” to you or a special guy. BeIong may be a strong word, but I know I definitely wanted to be identified with my boyfriends. It did give me that sense of belonging or exclusivity I desired. I remember wanting to wear their letter sweater or jacket or shirts! I even gave one guy an I.D. bracelet then wanted to wear it! I also remember buying a letter jacket, jean jacket, sweatshirts, and class ring for my son’s girlfriends to wear! I saw little of these things during his high school years.
    These items are too big, but they represent a lot of security that some of us need and love, coming from someone we trust!

    1. Pandia says:

      Exactly, VK!

    2. Nate says:

      Thanks for your wisdom and perspective, Virginia!

  2. Kristin says:

    I agree with Virginia!

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