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Tuesday night I took my daughters on a date.  A friend at work was singing in a competition at the Blue Room, and it was advertised as ‘kid friendly,’ so we took the opportunity.  I am very glad that I did.

When I got home from work that evening, I was met by two beaming girls!  They were very, very excited for the night that was ahead of us.  They had been anticipating our evening together all day.  Together they had picked out a casual outfit (shorts and a nice shirt) and a more dressed up outfit.  (Depending on what kind of date it was going to be.)  They also picked out my outfit for me, a habit which I assume they inherited from their mom.

This preparation reminded me of 3 facts:    

  • Little girls want to be prettyThey had painted their nails, done their hair, and picked out nice dresses.

  • Little girls want to please their daddy – They picked out dresses that they had heard me say that I liked.

  • Little girls listen to their dad’s words – Even though it was from a long time ago, they remembered that I had complimented them about those specific dresses.

We headed out and had a nice time in the car, listening to music and just talking.  When we arrived at the venue I bought them each a Sprite (a whole cup!) and got my Pepsi and sat down.  The night was a hodge podge of musical acts, from country to jazz to concert band to garage band to Whitney Houston.  We enjoy a wide variety of music in our household, so this was the perfect outing for us.

The girls, now 8 and 6, were enthralled with the night from beginning to end.  We sat in the very front row, and the MC thought they were cute and asked them questions and joked with them throughout the night.  He gave them T-shirts, which they are now wearing as pajamas.  As my friend belted out Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” they watched in rapt attention and Bekah grabbed my hand and held it through the end.  They loved it, and as we walked back to the car, Bekah said “Dad – I don’t know how to thank you enough!”  What great memories…

They couldn’t stop talking on the drive home, and today they couldn’t wait to tell all of their friends. All in all, the night was wonderful for the girls and for me.

For me, we made some good memories that will sustain me during hard times.  It encouraged me that they could be mature and well-mannered enough to sit politely and enjoy the show for 2 straight hours!  And it was something that I enjoyed – all the more enjoyable since I could share it with them.

For them, it was one event that will make them feel secure that they have a permanent place in my heart.  They know that they are my girls, I love them, I think they are beautiful, and I delight in them.

Dads – I encourage you to keep your eyes open for opportunities like this.  Of course the daily routines and consistent Secure Presence is the most important, but these special events can be a powerful way to strengthen your father-daughter bond.  Once a year take your daughter or daughters out for a fun evening.  Make it special!  Treat them how they ought to be treated.  You will never regret it!

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Photos From the Night:

DaddyDaughter2 DaddyDaughter3

DaddyDaughter5 DaddyDaughter4

6 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Dates

  1. Pandia says:

    Great job, Dad! I still remember when I was about four years old, my dad took me on our first date. We ate dinner on the Plaza, walked around, and took a carriage ride in the snow. Words cannot express how special and loved that made me feel!

    1. Nate says:

      Thanks Pandia, it’s awesome to hear that story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This memory will shape their future – confidence in their value as a person, boldness to “try” rather than be bound by a fear of failure, and even what they will look for in their future husband. Not every “date” will be that memorable, but you never know which ones will be forever memories as they grow up. Great job, Dad.

    1. Nate says:

      Thanks Pastor Phil!

  3. Brandon says:

    When is a good age to start this?

    1. Nate says:

      Each child is different, of course, but 3 or 4 is a great time to start. At 3 you could do something very simple, like take her to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast on her birthday. Before that, just spending time with her at a park or at the little kids section of PowerPlay is a great way to spend quality time with her.

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