Strawberry Season!!!!


It is May in Kansas City and I have one word for you….STRAWBERRIES!!!!! I am so excited that strawberry season is almost upon us. When I was a child, my grandparents had a U-Pick strawberry patch. I have many fond memories of going to their house and staying for a week to help my grandma run her business. Most years I was a picker for those who could not bend over or the heat was too much. Eventually, I got promoted into the job of selling the strawberries from the nice shade of the barn.


In my book there is hardly anything better than a big, juicy strawberry right out of the patch. So when we moved to KC I had to find a U-Pick patch close to here. It took me a couple of years to find a nearby strawberry patch, but I finally succeeded. We found the Wohletz Farm in Lawrence, Kansas.  It is important to us to expose our kids to ‘the farm life’ and all that goes along with it.  This is one small way to do that, and it is a fun, tasty way!


This is a very well kept farm. The strawberries are actually in raised beds which make the strawberries so much easier to pick. One year we picked 35 pounds in 35 minutes. It was awesome!! Last report on their Facebook page was the strawberries will be ready the end of May or the beginning of June. Hopefully we get some warmer weather soon so that they can ripen up.


Other than just eating the strawberries, two of our favorite things to do with them are make homemade strawberry ice cream and homemade strawberry jam. Last year I made 12 quarts of the jam and froze it in my deep freeze. We are on our last one and that is only because I waited a couple of months to pull out the final one. I am so excited to stock up my freezer again!

Of course, chocolate covered strawberries is a must!

Of course, making chocolate covered strawberries is a must!

What are your favorite strawberry recipes?  Please share!





2 thoughts on “Strawberry Season!!!!

  1. Leah Zanolla says:

    One of our family’s favorite treats is my grandma’s strawberry bread recipe!
    Strawberry Bread (2 loaves)
    3 c. flour
    1 tsp. baking soda
    1 tsp. salt
    3 tsp. cinnamon
    2 c. sugar
    4 eggs (well beaten)
    2 c. strawberries (pureed or smashed up really well – can use fresh or frozen)
    1 ¼ c. oil
    1 ¼ c. pecans (optional – I’ve never used)

    Put all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Sift together or stir with a whisk. Make a well in the center. Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Add to dry ingredients and stir together, just enough to dampen ingredients. Pour into two greased loaf pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes (start watching at 50 minutes).

    1. Dana says:

      That looks yummy. We will have to add this to the list to try!

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