Reflections On My Daughter’s Birthday

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Our sweet oldest turned 9 recently. I can’t believe I have been a mom for 9 whole years – time has really flown! Hannah makes parenting easy and breaks us in to each stage of parenting easily. Here are the lessons I have learned from my firstborn.

  • Others come first. It doesn’t matter how badly Hannah wants to read a book or play with a toy. She is so willing to lay it down and get her brother a drink or play a game with someone. She allows others to make the decision and puts her needs aside.
  • Joy comes with serving others. Hannah is always looking for one thing that she can do to bless others. Often she leaves a note on her homework telling her teacher to have a good day. She tries to think ahead and be one step ahead of me in the kitchen or when we are cleaning up the house.
  • You can’t change others, but you can change yourself. When Hannah is having trouble with a friend or sibling, she always asks me what can she do to make the situation better. She isn’t focused on what they did wrong or what they should do. Her focus is always “How can I be kinder?” or “How can I show her that I do care and want to be her friend?” This is good reminder for me.  How many times to I justify my own actions instead of just focusing on what I could have done better? I do have the power to change me so that is what I should be thinking about.
  • Leaders are readers. Hannah is constantly learning. We got her a Nook for her birthday, and you would have thought we gave her a million bucks by her reaction. She enjoys learning about people and especially about people who lived a long time ago. (She of course reads fun books too.) I know that her love for reading will do her well as she continues to get older.

Hannah challenges me to be joyful in my servanthood. To stop focusing on my own needs and instead focus on how I can be a blessing for others.

Who in your life is an example of a good servant?


Birthday Donuts With Dad!



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