Push Pause

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In your busy life, how do you slow down and savor the moment?  How do you make sure you are truly present?  How do you lock away the little experiences that make each day special?

I know that 10 or 20 or even 50 years from now I will look back and say “Those were fun times!  Those were good days!”  Right now my kids are at such great ages: 2, almost 5, almost 7, and almost 9.  Luke especially will say and do the funniest and cutest things.  He makes priceless faces and does things that are just adorable.  These moments make it all worth it.  But if we are not purposeful, we will let them all slip by without truly savoring them.

As the movie of our life plays, sometimes in fast forward mode, I find myself wanting to “push pause” from time to time.  I want to just examine that one frame of the movie and store it away for later, because I know that it is going by so fast!

Take time today or this weekend to push pause and simply enjoy the moment.

What are ways that you find to tuck away good memories for later?

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