Moving: Pre-planning

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Today I am going to make it “blog official” that we are in the process of moving. For the last month I have been sorting, packing, and throwing away all our stuff. It is amazing to me how much stuff six people can accumulate!! Packing a 4 bedroom house is overwhelming, but it can be done. Here are a few tips that I have learned while going through this process. Hopefully a few of them can help you de-clutter your house or help your moving process go smoother.

  1. Breathe. Try not to get overwhelmed by the massive amount of stuff. Sit down and try to figure out a game plan that works for you and for your time frame.
  2. Start with rooms that aren’t used as often or areas of your house that stuff has been stuffed into. I picked our extra bedroom and our bar area. The bedroom had all of my craft and sewing supplies. I knew I wouldn’t have time to do any fun projects so this was the first room to go. Since I had a month before we moved I got rid of the junk and tried to sort the rest into logical piles and containers. The bar area had all my extra kitchen appliances and serving platters. In picking areas that aren’t used in everyday life, once gone through I now have two areas that I can easily put packed boxes that will not disrupt our lives too much.
  3. Next I went through the bedrooms. The last thing that I wanted to do was move a ton of clothes that will never be worn again. I went through closets, drawers and shoes. I even got rid of socks. I went through the kids clothes too and removed any clothes that we had grown out of or had worn out.
  4. Once the clothes were gone through I picked up and put away everything in the kid’s rooms. We threw away the trash and old craft projects. We took out the broken toys or ones that we no longer play with and got rid of them.
  5. Next I tackled our books. Let’s just say that we have an overabundance of books here! I had the kids go through and pick out books that they want to keep out and then we packed the rest. I tried to pack books according to themes. All the leadership books got packed together. The parenting books in one and the marriage books in another. This way if for some reason if I needed one of the books I packed, I could fairly easily find it.
  6. Before I really started packing up boxes I went through our storage areas to make sure they were put back together and we wanted to take the contents with us. Once these areas were organized and in their place, we were able to place the newly packed boxes in these areas out of the way.
  7. Then I started at the top and made my way through the house packing as much as I could, only leaving what we actually use. The bathrooms and linen closets were one of the first areas that I went through.
  8. The toy room was a hard one. I had the kids help me with this task. I had them pick which toys they were okay with packing and we got those out of the way. Then we put the rest of the toys in boxes but did not close them. That way they can still play with the toys but the boxes are ready and labeled for each set of toys.
  9. I left the two most important areas for last, the kitchen and my office. My office was hard to pack. I like having access to everything! I never know when I would need something for the blog, a friend or for my own use. After many pep talks I started packing it away. I tried to just leave bill pay supplies, new and old house information, cookbooks I use regularly and information I am currently using for the blog. The rest is getting packed. In the kitchen I am going to pack up the dessert bowls, extra coffee mugs, bowls and utensils. We have the luxury of having one week to slowly move things over. The first weekend we are going to move the kitchen, breakable items, hanging clothes and bed frames. So I will pack up almost all of the kitchen right before this and move it over and get it organized before we start living there.

10. Last tip is to go through the house and figure out: This will all help the decision making process to go much smoother and easier when the time comes.

  • What needs to be done before you move
  • What needs to be done before you sell your current house (paint, take out nails etc)
  • Where will every piece of furniture go in your new house.

Over the next few weeks I will give you some more of the tips that I have learned along with how well they worked! : )


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