Moving: Logging Boxes

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Here is my next moving tip. Thankfully this was given to me by a friend before I packed more than two boxes!!!! Okay, I admit this is really type-A, but it has been a life saver!!!!!!

I ended up doing this just on paper instead of taking the time to put it into an excel spreadsheet.

This is what I did to make me not completely lose my mind and make it so much easier to unpack my house; I color-coded, numbered and logged every box that I packed. Don’t be scared – it is much easier than you would think, and it really didn’t add any time to the packing process. But let me tell you, it has saved me so much time on the unloading and unpacking side!! Let me explain…

Each room of the house was assigned a different color. The Kitchen was orange, the Girl’s room pink, the Basement lime green, the Office black and so on. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for each room – just that you use different colors for each.

Then I started with the number one and packed up until 133. After that, things just got thrown into a box and taken to the new house to be quickly unpacked. (On the last two days, some of the rules just had to be relaxed  🙂 )


On my sheet of paper I listed the number, the room and a brief description of what was in the box. Some examples are:

7- Office: Pharmacy Books, State Books, Preschool Sunday School Books

17-Basement: Easy Bake, Choc. Fondue pot, Bread Machine, Cupcake stand

42-Basement: Puzzles, Bug catching stuff, Jake’s Books

109- Girls Room: Books and stuffed animals

129- Kitchen: silverware, plates, knives

Once the bag was packed and sealed, I then took a notecard and wrote the number and room in the appropriate color and taped it to the side of the box. This was so important for five reasons:

  1. When you accidentally pack a library book or a book your husband needed to write a post, you can check your handy dandy list and find the correct box with only two tries instead of ten.
  2. When you are moving and you have a group of 11 awesome guys helping you unpack the truck, they can quickly read the room name on the box and take it to the correct room in your house instead of dumping it all in a random pile in your living room. (FYI- 11 guys were able to load and unload our U-Haul in 2.5 hours)


3. When you are unpacking and organizing your room space and need to find that one thing that you were going to put in this room, you can quickly check your list and open the correct box.

4. When you are trying to decide where to begin to unpack, you can look at the list and know what is inside each box and decide if you are up for tackling those items before removing the tape.

5. When you are able to quickly know the location of any item in your house, it lessens the anxiety and frustration you can so easily feel when your house is in chaos. I just wished we would have boxed up our coats so that we could find them 🙂

On Move Day, I wrote the name of the room on a 5×7 card in the appropriate color, and then I taped the card to the outside of the room.  We had a bunch of friends helping us move, and these cards helped the guys  know what room was  without me walking throughout the house the whole time.


I also wrote the name of large pieces of furniture (desk, piano, bookshelf etc) on a card and taped them to the wall behind where I would like that item placed. This way the heavy furniture got placed in its exact location the first time and I didn’t have to try and move it later.


By the grace of God and with the help of lots of friends, we felt like our move was a success.  Still stressful, but much better than it could have been if we hadn’t been so organized.

Feel free to share this idea with anyone that you know is moving.  And we and our readers would love to know – what tips do you have for packing boxes and making a successful move??



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