Men – Create and Cultivate!

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Our men’s group is going through a DVD study called 33 – The Series.

This week they made the point that men are designed to Create and Cultivate.  This clicked with me, because I am a farm boy who enjoys building things and growing a garden.  Last week I built shelves in our garage to store all of our stuff, and there is a great sense of accomplishment in knowing that you envisioned it, planned it, and did it.  I also mowed the grass today, and even though I was hot and tired when I finished, there is still something about a nice smooth lawn that just feels good!

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Some of you will not relate to this – maybe you don’t like hammers and saws or stay inside because of your pollen allergies.  And that’s fine.  There are a thousand ways that you can live out this purpose.  Some of my friends create websites.  Others build beautiful furniture.  Others use their creativity to make customers happy, or they use their intellect and skill to make patients well.  Others go to work to make decisions that affect many other people, or who serve the company faithfully to create value for the customers and shareholders.  Regardless of the setting, we go to work to create something that did not exist or to make something better.  We are there to create.  We are there to cultivate.

But work is not the only way that we create and cultivate.  In our family too, we get the opportunity to teach and build and strengthen our most important relationships.  We cultivate them just like a farmer tends to his crops.  Day by day and interaction by interaction, we are building a legacy.  Remember, there are few things in this life that are truly maintenance-free, so do not shirk your responsibility to maintain what is entrusted to your care.

Church and the community are two other spheres where we can create and cultivate.  The world is in great need of strong leaders who will walk the path of servant leadership.

Media and marketing show us images each day of consumers, and they tell us that this is what we should be.  This makes sense, because they need us to buy their stuff.  But as the 33 video says, the man who really believes that “the world exists for his comfort, entertainment, and pleasure” does not understand what it means to be a man.  That is an immature and selfish view, so do not be tricked into it.  Life is not one big party, and you will not be satisfied by purchases and entertainment.

We are here to create, not consume!  We are here to cultivate, not quit!

So spend this week building others up.  Attack your work week with gusto!  Take good care of what has been delegated to you.  As you build new things and maintain them, you will be walking in your true purpose.  There is nothing better than that!

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