The Lion and the Bear

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Imagine shepherd boy David in ancient Israel writing in his diary about having to fend off a killer bear attack.

“This is ridiculous!  That bear was huge!  And not only that, but last week I barely escaped a fight with a lion.  I mean, I killed them both, but it was still a pain.  I could have died!  What a lousy week.  Why does God allow such bad things to happen to good people?  What an interruption to what I need to accomplish!  It’s enough to make me write an angry psalm!”

Fast forward to Goliath Month…David’s two experiences served as concrete, tangible proof to himself that he could win.  Tangible proof that God’s power was real.  Tangible proof that no matter how fierce, any and every enemy of God’s people was as good as dead.  Razor sharp teeth?  Crushing jaws?  Brutal claws?  Huge weapons?  No matter – they were dead on arrival.

So, in your life, what are the lions and bears that you face?  Maybe you haven’t noticed any bears or lions lately, so let me help you identify them.  These situations will be inconvenient.  They will be a pain in the neck.  They may even tear you up pretty bad in their first barrage.  But when you are standing there bleeding, remind yourself that this is just a bear.  God is using this experience to prepare you for the real battle.  This is a qualifying round that He will use to build your confidence – you’re the 1 seed dismantling a 16 seed in the first round.  Do you believe that?  Do you believe that the lion in front of you is dead already?  Do you really believe it?  You’d better.  (FYI – this concept is known as ‘Faith,’ the confidence in things that you can’t see yet.)

Bottom line:  Bring it on!  Go out there and take it down.  The God who delivered David from his problems will deliver you from yours.


  •  Lion/Bear Examples:  Idiot boss, anxiety attacks, job loss, marital problems, kid problems, dating problems, school problems, etc, etc
  • How can we ever measure up to David?  What a stud!  This dude fought like a beast, was a musician, wrote poetry, loved his male buddies deeper than seems normal, and was called a man after God’s own heart.  Remember this later when I talk about psychology junk, buying stuff for your wife, and other ‘wussy’ topics…You might accuse David of being in touch with his feminine side, but it turns out that what we call the feminine side is actually our untapped masculine side.  Placed there by God.  In His image.  More on that later when I review He-Motions by T.D. Jakes.
  • Remember that we are time-bound, like watching a movie for the first time.  We are on the edge of our seat.  God works at the theatre and has watched the movie 3 times/day for the last month.  In fact, he wrote the movie.  And produced it.  And filmed it. And directed it.  And acted in it. So, He isn’t worried.  He knows how it ends.  He knows that the bear dies and David lives.  He knows that you are more than a conqueror.
  • Are you Alert?  You’d better be, because there are more than just sheep out there.  Keep your head up.  (Impossible if your mind is in the gutter, you may notice.)
  • Apathy is deadly. What if David had just let the predators kill the sheep?  That is a logical response, but he would have lacked the swagger to take out the giant.
  • Swagger:  What is the perfect spot on the continuum between over and under confidence?  Between pride and shame?  Between self-love and self-loathing?  When is it oK to have a cocky attitude?  Something to consider for another post…

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