Ice Breaker Questions

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Last Sunday our Pastor challenged us to think of 10 people that you want to be praying for in 2014. He has made this challenge before and each time it overwhelms me a little bit. I for the most part am an extrovert. I love talking one on one with people and getting to know them. I love learning about their life, what they like and don’t like and about what I can learn from them. Where my introvert side shines through, is in a setting where I don’t know anybody. This mainly happens when I go to my husband’s work gatherings. I am scared, and inform my husband that he is not to leave my side, AT ALL!!! Once I start to get to know people and learn some common ground, I increase the distance that he can be away from me. 🙂

Sometimes this side comes out in settings where I actually know the people but don’t really “know” them. Church gatherings can bring out this side of me depending on the situation. Our Pastor loves to solve this problem by coming up with the “Best Ice Breaker” questions. Sometime I have not had the best attitude when I told to go around the room and ask these predetermined questions, but as I get older I am learning that this actually is a good exercise. In fact, when we were the Young Adult Leaders at our church I became well-known for my opening questions. Sometimes they were light hearted and fun. “What is your favorite snow activity? Which color of Skittle is your favorite?” Other times they were more in depth and you had to think before you answered. My absolute favorite question is one that I ask around Memorial Day. As we remember those who have died while serving our country, I also ask those around me to come up with one thing that God has done for them this last year. Some come up with them quickly and have many, while others have to think hard to come up with one. I encourage them to do this often because in remembering God’s faithfulness we increase our faith for Him to do it again when we face our next trial.

Today I want to extend my Pastor’s challenge to you. Think of 10 people that you want to pray for this year. Then think of some “ice breaker questions” you can ask them to start a discussion. Hopefully these questions will break the ice between you and start a meaningful relationship where you can speak truth into their lives and make a difference! Remember most of the time you have to build a relationship with a person before you can actual minister the gospel to them.

Below is a printable of some of my favorite ice breaker questions. Feel free to use them in any gathering you find yourself in. Hopefully it will give you confidence to start a conversation and give the other person an easy way to engage with you.

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How do you break the “ice” when you do not know the other person?

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