How Did This Happen?


Tonight I was reminded by two of my children how natural it is for us to live life on the edge. And not only natural but oh so intriguing. It beckons us, draws us in and begs for us to just go one more step closer to the edge.

The first example is my sweet, “innocent” 18 month little man. I have taken the opportunity to put into place some new rules in our new house. No shoes on the carpet. Snacks and drinks only in the kitchen or on the tile floors. Put your shoes and coats in their designated place. The kitchen will be picked up and floor swept before going to bed. Rules that I should have had at our old house but was too lazy to make the change. Jacob has actually done pretty well with the new food and drink changes. I did start working with him at the old house so he has adapted fairly well. Well, Sunday he tried to take his crackers into the living room, where snacks are not allowed. I gently took his hand and brought him back into the kitchen. There I pointed to his cracker and then to the carpet and told him, “No, no. Food does not go on the carpet. You eat in the kitchen.” He said his normal response to correction, “Ohhhhhhh.” Then he promptly sat on the kitchen floor and slid his bottom as close to the line as he could and finished eating his crackers. I just had to laugh! He understood the rule, but still he couldn’t help but sit as close to the line as possible.


Later that night one of my children dumped their whole bucket of popcorn onto the floor as they got up to get a drink. They exclaimed, “How did that happen?!?” I informed them that they put their container on the edge. They did not understand how that could happen since they had placed it on the table. They thought it should have been safe. They said, “I didn’t mean to knock it over.” I told them, “Anytime you place something close to the edge, it has the potential to fall.” They were honest, it wasn’t done on purpose, but they weren’t setting themselves up for guaranteed success.


It got me to thinking, what areas of my life am I placing too close to the edge? Am I flirting with a line, tempting myself with something I shouldn’t even get close to? It reminds me of the verses about things we should avoid. A lot of times God doesn’t just say “Please avoid these” or “You might not want to partake in these type of activities.” No, he tells us to “Flee!!!!” “Run away from!!! Don’t go near!!!!”

Am I doing things to prevent myself from coming to close to the edge? Am I willing to serve others unconditionally no matter what I get in return? Am I willing to give up that TV show or Facebook so that I can spend more time with God or my kids? Am I willing to put back the ice cream and go for a walk instead? Am I willing to stop complaining about a certain circumstance and start praying about it instead?

What line are you flirting with? Take this week to think about what is one thing that you need to give up or start doing to keep yourself away from that line. Remember if you keep yourself close to that line, chances are one day you will spill over the edge. Will you join me today to stay as far away as possible? Let us set ourselves up for a guaranteed success!


2 thoughts on “How Did This Happen?

  1. Pastor Phil says:

    Thank you for sharing your life and insights. It is a gift to see God in the details of life. It is the heart of a servant to share those insights to teach others.

    1. Nathan says:

      Thanks Pastor Phil! We are blessed to have the opportunity.

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