Green Tea Body Scrub


It is the end of May and that means it is the end of school. Now is the perfect time to let your kids’ teachers know just how much you appreciate them.  We are blessed with great teachers at GCA, and we believe that it is important to honor the people who pour themselves into our kids’ development.

Here is one gift option that I have done in the past: Green Tea Body Scrub. I love this stuff and it is super easy to make.


Green Tea Body Scrub

1 2/3 cups granulated sugar (I use organic sugar for its slightly grainier texture. Walmart carries it)

1/2 cup olive oil

1 tea bag (green tea leaves)

6 to 8 drops cosmetic-grade soap fragrance (optional-I have never used these)

Use a large mixing bowl add the sugar and olive oil. Cut open the tea bag and dump the entire contents into the bowl. Add drops if using. Mix well. Spoon into a 12 ounce jar


Decorate with a nice bow and ribbon 🙂

It really is the perfect gift for a teacher, mother, friend who just had a baby, really anyone you think could use a little extra pampering.

Put it with a gift card to a coffee shop and you have the makings of a great gift.  A great way to top it off is to have your child write them a thank-you note.

What are some of your favorite teacher gifts?  Teachers out there, what are some examples of fun, useful, and/or thoughtful gifts that you have received?

2 thoughts on “Green Tea Body Scrub

  1. Gwen hanson says:

    I love plants. Flowers for the deck are nice. This year a family that starts plants by seed brought in tomato plants!!!! I was thrilled!!!!

  2. Leah Zanolla says:

    Some things I’ve done in the past – I’ve made a crayon wreath, given a bag of fancy chocolates or roses, filled a basket with classroom supplies, made homemade bread, and donated money to an organization like Compassion in their names (we do this at Christmas too – we always choose a gift that has to do with school supplies, playground equipment, etc.).

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