Are You Good Soil?

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As you may know, gardening is one of my hobbies.   This is a great time of year, because we get to enjoy the harvest!  This has been an incredibly productive year!  The weather was hot, but not too hot, and there was plenty of rain.  But the most important part was – The Soil.

You see, we moved to a new home this spring, and we built some raised beds.  We then filled it with 4 tons of soil, which was a combination of topsoil, compost, peat moss, sand, and fertilizer.  It was expensive soil, but it was good soil.

When you have soil that is not ideal for growing plants, there is gardening terminology for the way that you ‘fix’ it.  You add “amendments” to the soil.  This means that you mix in good things to the soil that will turn the soil from bad to good.

There is a great parable about soil in the Bible, in which the gardener plants seed in a variety of soils with a range of results.  In this case the seed was the same – the differing factor was the soil.

The application to our own lives is clear.  We are soil, and our purpose is to support a good harvest.  God’s message and God’s gifts are planted in us.  Not only that, but our parents and many other mentors and friends have also invested a lot of hard work into us.  They have planted seeds through their teaching, coaching, advice, and love.

My question for you today is:  Are you good soil?  What can you do to become better soil?  What amendments do you need to make you even more productive?  Don’t worry – you can change!  You can become better soil!

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