Girls’ Devotionals

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As you have probably have gathered over the course of this last year, I am not a morning person. I try to stay in bed until the last possible moment. Since the snooze and I are best friends, I hardly ever allow enough time in the morning to do my quiet time before the day is off and running. This is something I hope to not pass on to my kids.

This school year the girls decided they wanted a schedule for what they are to do in the morning before school. I have no idea where they would come up with such an idea! 😉 In the schedule, we allowed for time for them to do their own devotional. They have loved that time, and I am excited that they are starting to form a great habit at such a young age. I pray they continue to enjoy this time with the Lord for the rest of their years.

Here are the girl’s current devotionals:

Rebekah (age 6) is going through Sheila Walsh’s “Shine Your Light Devotional.”

Hannah (age 8) is going through Elizabeth George’s “A Girl After God’s Own Heart: A tween Adventure with Jesus.”

I have really liked both of these and I feel they are perfect for where the girls are at. They can understand what they are reading and answer the questions on their own.

I am going through Joyce Meyer’s “The Confident Mom” It is excellent!!!! It isn’t technically a devotional but I am making it into one. It was so good that I could not put it down the first time I read it. I wished she would have written it earlier in my career as a mom, but I will gladly take her insight now. The other thing I love about this book, is that it is chock full of scriptures. There is no better thing to do during this season of life than to put the Word into your heart!

I would love to hear what you are reading as a devotional? Or if you do not like devos what book of the Bible are in studying? What devotionals have you liked for your kids? I know we will need another one for both the girls towards the middle of the school year. I am completely clueless on what is good for a boy, so moms of boys, what did your sons enjoy and learn from?

We want to hear from you!