Frozen Party Planning

Even Jake got excited!

We threw a Frozen-watching party a week ago when we babysat for a friend. I thought it would be a fun idea to have a few Frozen-themed snacks, and my kids took the idea to a whole new level! I put them in charge of the decorations and they did a marvelous job.

Even Jake got excited!

Even Jake got excited!

It was amazing to see how a simple idea turned into a night of fun and excitement as they planned and prepared a winter wonderland for our guests. Here is what we did to turn our home into Arendelle:

Hannah made a “Welcome to Arendelle” sign.


We hung white paper chains (icicles) from the balcony.


Rebekah drew a picture of Elsa’s ice castle. They also made drawings of Olaf, the Snow Monster and each princess.


We created a “Pin the Carrot-Nose on Olaf” game.

DSCN5982 DSCN6019

Our snacks included blue jello jigglers cut into rectangles to be “ice cubes.” We also made Olaf out of marshmallow, pretzels, mini chocolate chips, regular chocolate chips and carrots.


My wonderful husband humored me and made us Kristoff’s sled out of the box our new TV came in. It was the perfect size 🙂


Then I covered it with blankets to cover the words since I didn’t have time to paint it. Luke made cubes of ice out of blue Legos to go in Kristoff’s sled. He also put a sleeping bag in the back of the sled in case we came across some wolves. 😉

Note the blue "ice" legos and sleeping bag :-)

Note the blue “ice” legos and sleeping bag 🙂 


The girls wanted the room to look like a winter wonderland so we covered it with the white (snow) and blue (ice) blankets and sheets that we had in our home. We have a lot. Hannah informed us as she sat on the white couch that she was, “in a blanket of snow…literally.” There may or may not have been a few “snow angels” made too!  🙂


Lastly, we broke out the glow bracelets that I have been trying to get rid of for the last year, but never remember to get out. They were a perfect addition to the love expert scene in the movie.


What made my heart happy was the excitement and joy that they had in creating a wonderful night for our friends. Their creativity was off the charts! It made me realize that allowing them to join in the fun of planning and preparing was well worth the added craziness of extra little helpers.

So the next time you have friends over or the next family movie night try to think of ways to make it extra special. Give your kids the task of coming up with a game or decorations to go along with the movie. You will be amazed at their creativity, and it will make a memory that none of you will forget.

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2 thoughts on “Frozen Party Planning

  1. Barb Foster says:

    What a cute, wonderful family project! Do you realize how lucky you are? I think you guys must have it ALL together! AND know where you put it!! Enjoy! They grow up so fast!

    1. Dana says:

      Barb, You’re sweet. We do realized how blessed we are! We don’t have it all together, but we try hard and seek God constantly. Thankfully He is an awesome man to have on our team. We are enjoying every minute of this crazy ride!

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