Christmas List Ideas: Books With A Purpose


We are very picky about the books our children read. We feel it is really important to watch what they put into their minds because everything that goes in is shaping their world view. Nate and I love books that either teach a Bible principle or character. Books are our weakness. We have even had to go on a book buying fast because it had crept up too high on our expenses list. Thankfully that is over now, and we are doing a better job of spacing out our buying sprees! 🙂

Our Pastor’s wife introduced me to the two series’ that I am going to talk about today when I was trying to gather books for a storytime outreach I did last year. The first is a series of books by Glen Keane. Glen Keane was an animator for Walt Disney until 2012. He was the animator for characters such as Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel in Tangled. Outside of working for Disney he wrote this series of children’s book. The main character in these books is Adam Raccoon. He is a curious little Raccoon who always means the best but always seem to find himself in some kind of trouble. In each book, King Aren the Lion, who represents God, explains a valuable lesson about Jesus and His great love for us. They are cute stories with a very clear lesson that the kids can relate to. By describing Adam’s emotions as he deals with different situations, the author makes it very easy for the kids to relate to what Adam is feeling. My favorite story is Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls. This story talks about what happens when you stay too close to a temptation and what is the result of falling into that temptation. We all fall into this trap at some point in our life, but this book describes that there is redemption if we follow our King.


The other book series is by Michael P. Waite. This series is also out of print but can be found online for very cheap. These are super silly but make their point very clear. There is a lot of rhyming and some of the words are hard for a child to read due to the silliness of it. However, I love how each book deals with a topic that is in everyday life of a child. It talks about the emotions involved in each situation and how every decision you make does affect those around you. My top three favorites are Buzzle Billy, Suzy Swoof and Sylvester the Jester. Buzzle Billy has trouble having “gimmie hands.” He learns a the hard lesson of what happens when you refuse to share your toys. Suzy Swoof and Sylvester both focus on accepting others differences. God made us all different for a reason. We are supposed to welcome those differences and cherish how wonderful this world is because of those differences.


Summary of Adam Raccoon Series by Glen Keane:

  • Target Ages:  4-7
  • Strengths:  Not shy in telling you about the true character of God. It also has a Bible verse and discussion questions at the end of the book to further study the topic with your children
  • Weaknesses:  Since the author is a famous Disney animator and the books are no longer in print they can be a little bit pricey. If you are okay with used books, most of them can be found on Amazon for only a few dollars or less.
  • Books we own (and the value taught in them): Adam Raccoon and the Mighty Giant (Witnessing), Adam Raccoon and the Flying Machine (Bible and Life), Adam Raccoon in Lost Woods (Following Jesus), Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master (Repentance and Forgiveness), Adam Raccoon and the Race to Victory Mountain (Perseverance), Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls (Salvation), and Adam Raccoon Follow the King (Following Jesus)

Summary of Character Series by Michael P. Waite:

  • Target Ages:  4-7
  • Strengths:  Gives a relatable story to illustrate a character trait you should or shouldn’t possess. They talk about the good and bad consequence to this character and how it affects those around you.
  • Weaknesses:  The books are no longer in print. If you are okay with used books, most of them can be found on Amazon for only a few dollars or less.
  • Books we own (and the Character Trait taught in them): Boggin, Blizzy, and Sleeter the Cheater (Fairness); Sir Maggie the Mighty (Obedience); Miggy and Tiggy (Jealousy); Max and the Big Fat Lie (Telling the Truth); Sammy’s Gadget Galaxy (Patience); The Hollyhonk Gardens of Gneedle and Gnibb (Forgiving); Suzy Swoof (Kindness); Casey the Greedy Young Cowboy (Being Thankful); Handy-Dandy Helpful Hal (Helpfulness); Buzzle Billy (Sharing); Sylvester the Jester (Accepting Others)

These are two of our favorite book series’ for kids. We recommend you put these on your Christmas list for your children. Remember the Bible tells us to feed our minds with things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. If you don’t think your kids would like these books, take some time to walk through the kids’ section at a Christian book store and see what would work for your family. Be purposeful with what you fill their little minds with.

What book series has your family enjoyed???  Our fast is over and we are always looking for great ideas!  🙂



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  1. Our boys loved the Adam Raccoon books when they were little. I had honestly forgotten about them, so thanks for the reminder!

    1. Dana says:

      They are great books!!

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