Character Traits

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To be purposeful in your parenting it is important to get the right tools in your tool belt. For those who know us personally, you know that we usually have a book, website or folder on about any given topic. It has actually became somewhat of a joke that “of course the Hanson’s have an excel spreadsheet on that!”

Neither Nate nor I claim to know it all…we are far from that, but we do get giddy when we come across new information! (Nate might not use the word giddy, but I do.) We are constantly looking for new resources to deepen our knowledge about God, how to have a better marriage and how to parent our specific children well.

As you have probably gathered, teaching our children different character traits is very important to us. Over the years we have gathered different resources to aid us in this goal. Today I will share some of them with you.

1. Duggar Character Qualities:  Link

If you go down to the blog post, in the middle there is a link to a printable of the 49 character qualities that they focus on. What I love about this chart is they give you the godly character trait and the direct opposite of the character trait, along with a Bible verse that talks about it. Sometimes knowing what the opposite looks like will help you explain the trait to your child.

2. 31 Biblical Virtues: Link 

This is a great list of virtues you can be praying over your children. One for each day 🙂 There is also a link to a short blog post that discusses each one individually. I printed her poster and have it laying around to remind me what I need to be instilling into my kids and praying over them.

3. We Choose Virtues: Link

This is a great resource but can get kind of expensive. I haven’t yet pulled the trigger and bought the packages, but every Christmas I am tempted to spend my Christmas money on some of her products. You can gain some good ideas by reading her blog. On the right column on her blog, you can search according to category. I just discovered that she has lists of books that can be read for each virtue. Looks like I will be checking out some books at the library!

4. KIPP Character Growth Card: Link

This is a program to instill useful character traits in schoolkids.  We want our kids to be tough, we are glad that ‘Grit’ is one of the traits.  Under Additional Resources at the bottom you can click on the Character Growth Card to assess where your child is (or you are!) in carrying out these eight character traits.

We want to know!  What resources do you use to teach your child Godly character traits?


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