C13: Patience Week 3: Time-Outs!

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So we are now on week three of learning more about patience. Are you making progress? Have you become more aware of your patience level and started to be more proactive? If the answer is yes, awesome! Keep it up so that you can make it a habit. If this has slipped your mind, no worries, today is a good day to start! It is not too late. Or maybe you have had a week like mine, where you are aware of your impatience and instead of it getting better it seems to be getting worse! If that is the case, stop and let God remove your guilt and pray for His strength to do better the next time. And read on, I have one of the most important tips I could give today for maintaining your patience level.

Today we will talk about the importance of Time-Outs.  To be more specific, Mommy Time-Outs. One of the keys to maintaining your patience is realizing when you have lost control and choose do something positive instead. That is right, it is a decision that you have the ability to make.

In those moments when your children have done something unimaginable, talk back with attitude, are just outright disobedient or just caught you on a bad day, it is okay to take a time-out before you respond.

If you are unable to talk calmly with your kids, take a moment to regroup. Sometimes all you have to do is count to five and take a deep breath. Other times you need a longer minute. I have sent my kids to their rooms or walked out of the room to regain composure. This prevents me from responding in a way that I will have to apologize for later. With toddler aged kids I have even placed them in their beds until I cool off and can discipline correctly.

Another key to maintaining your patience level is taking time out for yourself to fill yourself up. When your kids are little, you do have to set aside some of the fun activities and hobbies that you once enjoyed because there is just no time available. This however doesn’t mean you can take the martyr approach and become a victim. In each season it is important to evaluate and prioritize what you spend your precious ‘free time’ doing. Make sure you consult God as you pick; only He knows exactly what will fill you up and sustain you until the next time. If you pick the wrong things, it will just leave you feeling empty and frustrated that you just wasted your valuable time.

The most important time-out you have to have, is your time with God. Ladies, make every effort you can to protect your 1-on-1 time with God. This will be your life line and what will get you through the hard days and help you treasure the good days. This is one area that I really struggle with doing on a daily basis. When I am successful at getting it done, my life is so much easier and peaceful! On the weeks when I can’t remember the last time I read more than a verse I find myself frustrated and struggling in many areas of my life and my parenting skills start reverting back to old ways. Each season of life your time with God WILL look different. Don’t get focused on what you do but instead focus on what God is doing and showing you in the moments you do get together.


Week 3 Assignment:

  1. Pick a different Patience verse to memorize this week.
  2. Find 5 minutes each day where you can read one verse and meditate on it. Or dust off a short devotional book that you can read before the little ones get up in the morning. You can even spend the time in the shower praying for God to strengthen you for the day. Whatever you can fit in, do it! Please accept this challenge to just find 5 minutes each day and watch how God meets you in those times. (Of course if you can get in more than 5 minutes DO IT!)

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