C13 Mom – Jealousy Week 3

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Did you know that there is one person who is allowed to be jealous? That’s right, God is the only one who can be jealous. He is jealous of our time. He is jealous of our thoughts and our hearts. He wants them all. God wants to have a deep relationship with you that goes beyond Sunday morning and Wednesday night church services. He wants to be with you every single day, actually every single moment.  (That may sound controlling and weird, but it isn’t.  He wants those things because He loves us!  He knows what we need.)

Let me tell you about a friend of ours who has several kids. All three of his boys have told my husband that their dad reads the Bible every single day. There was no doubt in their minds that their dad spends time in the Word – it was obvious to them. What an amazing legacy that  he is giving his kids! When we model spending time with God to our kids, we are displaying a way of life. We are showing them how to get tools in their tool belt to tackle any project that life throws at them.But how do we “fit in” time with God? This is something that I have struggled with my whole life. How do I get my quiet time in? Where would I find time to sit down in a quiet corner with my Bible, notebook, commentary and devotion? Well for sure not today, but maybe tomorrow. Well “tomorrow” turned into “who knows when” and then I found myself frustrated, depleted and hanging on for dear life.

Some of you may relate to this – the idea of a “Quiet” time was almost funny.  But then I got a revelation. There is no specific or even standard way to have a quiet time with God. Yes, an hour to study His Word in-depth is and would be amazing, but there is no need to limit God. He can use whatever we give Him to help us live the life that He has called. Instead of quiet times I now all them “Connection Times with God.”

I look for moments during the day when I can connect with Him. Sometime it is a 1 minute devotion. Sometimes it is a prayer offered up when I am having a hard time maintaining my patience. Other times is a focused time in the Word asking Him to show me what to say to a hurting friend. It can be done so many different ways but each time  I connect with God and I take the time to listen to His connection back.

This different approach to “quiet times” has allowed me to have amazing moments. It has given me the strength to answer the same question again (and again) in a kind voice. It has helped me see the root problem as I discipline my kids and actually make a difference in their lives. It has given me the perfect verse to give to a frustrated friend. It has brought me peace and joy when I desperately needed it. It has freed me from condemnation and guilt when I don’t get to spend the time with God that I want. I find that I am becoming more in tune with His Spirit and I am learning to pay attention to the still small voice and walk in His steps that He has for me for the day.

Of course I still try to get good solid times in the Word, because you need the Word in you so that the Spirit can remind you of it when you need it most.  But in-between those times I am so thankful for a Jealous God who wants to communicate with me every minute of every day!

As a mom, the best gift you can give your kids is to be a mom who walks with the Holy Spirit. He can lead you and guide you and help you become the most knowledgable and wisest parent for your own specific and unique kids. Each kid is so different and there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to child rearing. Listen to His voice and you can’t go wrong!

Assignment this week:

1.) Figure out a way to spend 5 minutes with God at the start of your day. Read a Psalm or a Proverb, do a short devotion, worship Him through song or spend time in prayer. Spending your first waking moments with God sets you up for success for the rest of the day.
2.) Look for God connections this week. Start practicing stopping and asking God for wisdom as you make decisions. Ask Him to supply you with what you need to handle a specific decision in a Christ-like way. Write down these moments so that you can look back and confidently know that God is with you every step of the way!

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