Be Alert and Be Unafraid

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Even a Kansas tornado can create a great opportunity to teach valuable lessons to your kids!

Last night the sirens blared and our phones buzzed to warn us that a tornado warning had been issued.  I was able to pull up my “MyRadar” app on my phone and see a giant wall of yellow and red coming our direction.  So we headed to the basement.  (One thing that my wife is consistent about – you do not mess around with tornadoes!)  We gathered up some blankets to make the tile bathroom floor more comfortable, and waited.

After waiting for a little bit, we then emerged to watch the local news to see what was going on.  Weather-people love to add drama to their normally boring lives when storms hit, so the kids became a little concerned.  We were able to encourage them to pray for safety individually, and then we grabbed a Bible and Go-Fish.  With the 6 of us crammed in the bathroom I read them Psalm 91, in Nathan’s Revised Version.  I prayed for our safety and the safety of our home, garden, and our friends.  Then we played a fun game of Go-Fish!  There is no reason to be afraid when you are in the shelter of the Most High God!


A bathroom is a great storm shelter while potty training!

As parents, we are responsible for setting the tone for the home.  We have control over the environment in which our kids learn and grow.  Tonight we chose to create a calm environment that was not fearful, but we also did not ignore the danger of the storm.  Be chose to be alert, and unafraid.

The whole episode took only about 45 minutes, and then we were back to normal.  Sure, our plans were thrown off and a tornado is a serious thing, but we were able to purposefully take this lemon and make a lesson out of it.

Parents – are you watching out for life’s curriculum as it unfolds?  Every day there are small lessons that you can purposefully weave into your child’s life education. 



Since we haven’t capitalized on this meme yet…


Here is a random article that cites the well-established fact that a stressful, chaotic childhood is detrimental.  (It’s Harvard, so it has to be true, right?)   Link


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